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TCU finishes #58 in Athletics Rankings. #8 of 10 in Big 12

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Step it up Donati...... I hope he knows the honeymoon is over.... A short honeymoon at that...You are getting Top 25 money coming in and a school that is on fire. Near the bottom of the Big 12 athletics ain't cutting it. That being said, until we get another couple of sports like Women's Softball..... just do it already..... I'm not sure what real expectations are for our AD when you factor in the cost of TCU attendance. Focusing on your Big 3 revenue sports is probably good enough and we were 2 of 3 last year minus baseball. I am curious what the highest TCU has finished in this ranking system. It's rigged for the Big Schools and Stanford with endless money. Kidding aside for Donati above... I hope he knows he is in a dog fight and there is an expectation here... CDC and friends will have no issue taking your lunch... Our AD has some warrior coaches around him, but results are results and if results aren't met, you watch, Boschini and friends will pull him in the BOT meeting.....

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    Nobody gives a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about a ranking that considers men’s volleyball and football as equals.
  3. But I would love to add softball.
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  4. Another way of looking at this list is that there are 66 Power 5 athletic programs when one includes Notre Dame and BYU and TCU is ranked #58 of 66. I think we can do a little better here even though we don't have sports like Men's Volleyball.
  5. Football not even a required Directors Cup sport because there is no women’s equivalent. This is a ranking for an exclusive club of giant state schools and a couple privates with mega billion endowments.
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  6. I COULD care a little bit less than I do about this, but not much.
  7. I’m just guessing here, but I doubt his job pivots in this ranking. The big three men’s sports rule and if they continue on their trajectories, I see a long career...
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  8. I don't know what cutting it is here for TCU... my guess is that if we are near elite in football, men's basketball, and baseball which means New Year's Six, Sweet 16 quality basketball, and CWS 4 out of 8 years, then we are more than good. The financial investment is there for sure, being around #40 on the Director's Cup annually is probably also a good number to shoot for. #58 of 66, not so much.
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  9. It’s tough to convince kids to take a partial scholly at TCU and still have to come up with 30-40k per year, when they could go to a state school and only have to deal with 10-20k per year.
  10. I give zero scheisss about this "ranking" (give me a break, does anyone really think Princeton and University of Denver have better athletics programs than TCU?), but I will step in and say roping in BYU with the P5+ND is absurd.
  11. The SEC or Big Ten or Both count playing BYU as a Power 5 program on their schedule. Just sayin'.
  12. I played water polo for 17 years and would love to see a FrogPolo team. That being said, seeing a home water polo game with 23 people in the stands would be just pitiful. Stick to growing and improving the major big revenue sports. As we have been.
  13. I know lacrosse is awesome, but to compare that with schools with a strong football program is a bit...well, silly? When you compare the number of schools with NCAA lacrosse programs to football programs, of course they would have more drafts. There's only a few of them, relatively compared. My guess is many of those schools wouldn't even be on the list if not for lacrosse. I would love to see this same ranking with schools in just the various versions of the big 3: Football, M&W basketball, baseball/softball.
  14. not sure how simply adding sports as you suggest leaguecityfrog is going to raise the frogs standing in the directors cup if you are not in a position to fund those new programs at a nationally competitive level

    if guess the position could be taken the frogs aren't getting the results from some programs, but i really don't know how we stack up in terms of funding all our sports versus our peers. i also am not sure if that is his biggest priority at this time.

    as rifram09 points out there is an uphill fight for some sports compared to our state school peers. track and field and cross country face the same issue with scholarship limits and potential athletes being able to afford tuition when they are on a partial scholarship. it isn't an accident that the 3 strongest men's track programs in the state are a&m, houston, and tech.

    additionally, facilities are an issue for swimming as has been pointed out by numerous swimmers on this site.

    if sports are given adequate resources and they are deemed underachieving then make changes, but i am not so sure all our "other" sports have received the same level of support as our peers.
  15. I'm not for adding a sport, say Lacrosse or Wrestling if the funding ain't there. I do think that if we keep getting that big time money after the 2024 potential realignment and TCU tuition can stabilize somehow then we could add a program like women's softball to compliment our baseball program and a high school sport that is going gang busters throughout Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and all of SEC country, not to mention all these Californians that love TCU. I hear about women's lacrosse and one other one I can't remember... doesn't move the needle like softball. I'd be down with actually deleting both swimming programs if TCU decides strategically that they don't want to do that arms race with UT and do softball in its place. I think TCU could be around #40 on this annual list and we are good as long as the Big 3 Men's Frog Sports are terminating machines. #58 of 66 ain't cuttin' it compared to the power 5 schools.
  16. For the record, I believe that I care an appropriate amount with regards to this story.
  17. Adding one sport isn’t going to move the rankings as much as you hope it might. This ranking is not an indictment of the athletics program. Tcu has less sports to offer and therefore less sports to add to the ranking. It’s just math.

    Nobody cares about this ranking.
  18. I think that one person does care about it.
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  19. I'm for adding mute softball.
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  20. We do not sponsor enough sports to ever win that award. The Best that we can hope for is a top 50 finish.

    I would not get too hung up on being number 58. That’s actually not too bad
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