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TCU Construction Updates

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Well then that’s too loud for an in-game experience. I’ll file my complaints early.
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    Hall from Tandy to Rogers Rotunda

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  3. Nice! Just making our degrees even more valuable. Jealous I wasn't around for this.
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  4. Neeley looks awesome! Top 15....here we come.
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  5. Any pics of the new music hall?
  6. Have Addison & Randolph been returned to their original place? All grass/sod replaced in front of Sadler & between Science & Library?
  7. Coming along, but won't be ready until next year.

  8. Edit: fixed the gif I think.

  9. New admin building progress (3 photos)
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  10. Drove down university. It’s really close to being done. Hard to describe but it looks cleaner and updated and less “old college campus” now along the road.
  11. Took out the fencing today. Looks like all the concrete has been laid. Just need landscaping and the big TCU wall thing put back in it's place. Most interesting is that there's no longer a curb on either side. It slopes down to the street, which will make it better for those who need assistance crossing. Also, those things that look like pawns are going to be installed, presumably, to protect those waiting to cross in case maximum overdrive happens.
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  12. Liked for maximum overdrive.
  13. Bollards - makes sense for accessibility and fire/emergency access to slope it for sure.

    Are they moving the sign back closer to Sadler? I assumed they would but don’t know if they did.
  14. When they decide to do something....they generally do it right.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Too many Dr. Peppers or an old age thing? ;-)
  17. The gif of the fountain triggers my sensitive bladder.

    You'll understand in a few years...
  18. Cardale Jones said it best - "We didn't come here to play school." Where is the stadium and scoreboard progress photos!?

    In all seriousness, I do love seeing all of the construction photos from around campus.
  19. But.......I liked old college campus vib.
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  20. The bollards look horrible and ruin the aesthetic of the whole thing. The sign is more modern looking (not brick) and still in the same place. This based on one look while at the stoplight. I'll try to walk over there tomorrow.

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