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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Boy, getting old is hard. I remember when you went a place with bleachers and a field just watch a football game. But then, all we had were Mattel rocks and sticks to play with as kids...
  2. That would actually be 4 times as large as the current board
  3. East side opening for 2020 season. Hopefully they are far enough along at some point this season to at least open up Frog alley.
  4. Been a tough start for Donati in the AD chair.
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  5. I don’t see how this should be laid at his feet. They thought it would get done and it didn’t happen. I doubt the construction company told them it would take until 2020 and then JD just lied about it. There are people working at all hours on this thing. Hell, I was In the stadium before 6am earlier this week and they were working. The weather didn’t cooperate. There probably wasn’t a great contingency plan. Ship happens.
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  6. Yeah I don't necessarily mean it's been a tough start in that he's screwed up a bunch, more that it's been a stressful start with Schloss, Dixon, stadium build and poor 2018 football season.

    That being said, with construction, if it's always late, you lose the ship happens excuse. At some point you build in "ship happens" as part of the timeline.
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  7. And, just as a different counterpoint, he did raise the money to build it, kept Schlossnagle and Dixon and something like 18 of 21 sports were ranked at some point last season. A national champion rifle team and a track individual champion. Deep runs for golf and tennis, plus baseball in the postseason again. And for god’s sake the CHEEZ-IT bowl. It was glorious.

    Edit: not your point. But I like it. So I’m leaving it.
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  8. jake102, bless his heart, has always been a debbie downer
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  9. Nah, he cleared it up. I took it one way he meant it another.
  10. I am interested in how they handle the people that gave up seats to get in the club. I don’t think just giving them east side sunburn and heat stroke seats will satisfy anyone too much.
  11. Looks like a great add to the improvements. Hopefully we'll have a better sound system. Seemed deafening with the one he had recently down on that end.
  12. That's what I was just thinking: "All those seats given up and people moved around... Oops!"
  13. I guess there is only one thing left to do...win the whole...serve beer everywhere!
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  14. It’s done enough to keep crowd noise in so that’s a plus
  15. I imagine comping their seats would help
  16. Frog club must hold on to a ship load of seats for their own interests.
  17. I stated this in another post. The displacement of the ticket holders be moved to the West side lower Bowl? (Sarcasm) Painful I know for some.
  18. The only games TCU Athletics better have a game plan o what to do with the people who gave up their westside season seats and invested into this Eastside project is the Texas and Baylor home game. Gary is going to want those games rocking as loud as possible too.

    The Stewart club is nice, but people aren't going to be eager to pay for that as their experience vs the westside seats they use to have for seasons.

    They should just offer the Stewart Club for free for the eastsiders who got screwed as a way to say thank you for your patience and forgiving the unforeseen weather and blown out timeline and thanks for giving us a bunch of money and call it good for 2019. Maybe charge tickets for anything available in the west side if people want them.
  19. Not even ADJD can make Deep Purple run for golf — I heard he has his own self purple golf cart a la Van Wilder.

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