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  1. Saw TCU athletics Facebook post about the anniversary of the 2009 Clemson game. Went looking for a YouTube video of that game. Anyone know if a the full game is available online? Couldn't find it. Found this instead:

  2. I don't have video, but I found some great pics. Enjoy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Dabo was already their coach right?

    They have certainly been doing well...
  4. Who was it that chased Spiller down from behind? Washington? Don't think anyone has a digital copy of the game since it was on espn3
  5. Giant Killer then, and today!
    GO FROGS!! BEAT osu!!!
    Spit Blood and scheiss baylor!!
  6. Yep, 2009 was his first season as HC, and I'd say it's worked out well for them
  7. Clemson was not a giant back then.
  8. Was it only raining on Clemson?
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  9. Respectable, they won their division.
  10. It was Washington. Steady rain that day. Thanks Shiner Frog and the Ambulance. The rain was somewhat warm.

    And yeah I remember playing them in the sloppy rain at Death Valley and also at Virginia. Frogs won them all that year before losing to Boise in the Fiesta.
  12. Pretty sure I watched this game in the TCU basketball stadium on the big screen. Didn't they have a watching party there for this game or am I thinking of a different one?

  13. The Frogs had just a few future NFL starters on the field that day: Hughes; Washington; Dalton; Kerley; Cannon; Newhouse.
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  14. Here's a decent highlight clip.

  15. And Dabo leading them down the hill...

  16. One of my favorite road games I've been to. I remember jumping onto the field to celebrate with the players in the pouring rain. A ton of fans did. Awesome time!
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  17. They call that the most exciting 25 seconds in college football?
  18. Just think Gary Patterson beat Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers. He has beat Harbaugh twice, he has beaten Urban Myers multiple times. Beaten Bret Beliema multiple times, beat Mack Brown,... that is just a small list of great coaches he has beaten. He deserves a national title.

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