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TCU BB Non-Conference Schedule

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurplePop2014, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. ADJD mentioned recently that TCU BB season ticket renewal notices will be sent on July 8th. Other BB teams have announced their non-conference schedules. This has me wondering about TCU BB's 2019-2020 non-conference schedule.

    I did some quick research and found the following TCU non-conference games:
    1. Winthrop: no date found
    2. Air Force: Mon, 11/18
    3. 2 MGM Main Event Campus Games: no dates found
    4. MGM Main Event: 11/25&27 (Colorado, Clemson & Wyoming will participate)
    5. SMU: no date found
    6. USC: Fri, 12/6
    7. Xavier: Sun, 12/22
    8. Big 12/SEC Challenge Game: Sat, 1/25
    Did I get these right? Does anyone know of any other non-conference games?
  2. Not bad at all.
  3. There’s a rumor that we are trying to schedule another neutral site game. I wonder where the location would be if true. I hope we find out the schedule soon.
  4. Are we sure smu is on the schedule this year? I have seen postings from smu folks saying we are not playing them this year for some reason.
  5. Dickey's Arena?
  6. USC game is at dickies
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    The American Athletic Conference MBB Championship Tournament is being held at the new Dickies Arena in Fort Worth this season, March 12-15, 2020.
  8. and?
  9. Maybe you can be the one to explain why the AAC chose Fort Worth and not Lubbock, since you believe that dry crap storm of a city provides a much better environment for college sports than Fort Worth and the Metroplex.
  10. there we go,i knew you couldn't go very long without mentioning lubbock or tech
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    These are the ones I know of-

    Southwestern 11/7 Home
    Louisiana-Lafayette 11/12 Home
    Air Force 11/18 Home
    UC-Irvine 11/21 Home
    Clemson 11/24 Las Vegas
    Colorado/Wyoming 11/26 Las Vegas
    Illinois St. 12/3 Home
    USC 12/6 Dickies Arena
    Winthrop 12/11 Home
    Lamar 12/14 Home
    Xavier 12/22 Home
    George Mason 12/30 Home
    Arkansas (Big 12/SEC Challenge) 1/25 Away
  12. That’s a pretty nice schedule
  13. I agree. It should definitely provide a challenge for such a young team.
  14. Just hope the injury gods are on the frogs’ side in hoops and football in 2019-2020.
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  15. FIFY
  16. Who is Southwestern? Definitely will be challenged with a young roster. Still wish we could have played SMU.
  17. Interesting schedule. Only regret is playing Xavier on 12/22. Talk about a lot of fans missing.

  18. Update-

    Arkansas is going to be the opponent for the Big12/SEC Challenge. Edited my original post to reflect it.

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