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TCU @ Baylor Score Prediction Contest

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. Alright... same rules. Post your score.... the tie breaker was going to be: How many Freshman, in gold shirts, trip and fall running across the field. 2217BD70-D6C7-4BF3-A2AB-012BA4206ADB.jpeg .. but then I remembered #Covid. So if there’s a tie, we will just have more than one winner.

    Go Frogs!
  2. Frogs 20
    Predators 17
  3. Baylor 31
    TCU 17
    Minutes of the game I will watch... 0

    So we'll probably win
  4. Frogs 38
    Those who shall not be named 27

    Tiebreaker answer: all of them

    Go Frogs!
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  5. Frogs- 42
    Rapists- 17

    At least a dozen effeminate dorks will munch on the dirt.
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  6. Baylor 31
    Frogs. 20
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  7. TCU 61
    Baylor 58
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  8. Frogs...107
    baylor...Pounded to dust

    all of them...
  9. Baylor 31
    TCU 21

    4 Baylor’s students fall
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  10. 32-17 TCU
    TCU's average margin of victory in TCU wins over Bears in Big 12 games goes down.
  11. 45 BU
    14 TCU

    It hurts writing that...
  12. Frogs 31
    BAILURE 13

    Frogs D has 2 picks and O has a great game and rushes for over 200 yards.
  13. 28-24 good guys
  14. 31-27 Toadies

    Brewer has not improved from last year.
  15. 42-17, plus 2
  16. Frogs are ahead 10-7 at halftime but Baylor's WRs don't come out for the second half since BU only rushed the ball with 2 running backs the entire first half. Frogs win 45-10. BU AD says they had a talk with the WRs and they are good to go for the next game.
  17. Baylor 38
    TCU 13

    Offense can't move....
    Secondary gives up 3 long TDs....
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  18. BU 17
    TCU 16

    four slip and falls
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