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TCU basketball gets Xavier freshman transfer

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Apr 15, 2019.

  2. I hope he wasn't promised playing time here. So, one of our open scholarships went to a guy who averages 2 points a game.
  3. He was a freshman and averaged 12 minutes a game. Not unusual for a freshman.
  4. Well, since he will have to sit out a year, I will say no.
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  5. I believe the guy had over 20 offers out of high school including Michigan, Texas Tech, Baylor, Virginia Tech. A Texas kid who wanted to come back home. Obviously he has some talent if he was recruited that highly. Welcome to the Frog family Mr. Kennedy!!
  6. Well, most of our open scholarships go to guys who have averaged 0.0 points per game in college.
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  7. wouldn't bother me a bit if 2 of the next 3 were over 6' 7" and had actually scored in a college game.
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  8. He did sit out the spring semester "for personal reasons" so who knows. I am sure they will request a waiver once he enrolls, hopefully this summer.
  9. Wonder if this carousel of freshman athletes transferring after their initial season will ultimately

    impact college sports and result in making a mockery out of the recruiting process.
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  10. curious with him sitting out mid-season if he would be eligible to play spring semester of 2020
  11. He would have needed to leave school and don't think he did.
  12. The ncaa has approved something like 85% of waivers for immediate playing time after a transfer so far this year... hopefully we can benefit from it too
  13. I wonder what an athlete has to do to end up in the 15% whose waivers are not approved.

    Anyway, welcome Keonte. I hope you have a great TCU career, and enjoy your time on campus.
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  14. Not go to Ohio St.?
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