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TCU basketball: Desmond Bane is returning

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, May 26, 2019.

  1. I read it wrong I was thinking about if Bane had not played as junior. Oops.
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  2. OK, like your optimism, but JD, Noi, and Alex were 42 pts./game, where are those points coming from with high school kids?
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  3. Whatever, welcome back Bane, you've always had the Frog Factor.
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  4. Samuel needs to develop a 10 foot shot. If he does that within the next year, I like our chances to improve our offense and pick and roll.
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  5. Samuel needs to keep playing tough defense, blocking shots and rebounding. If he developed a ten foot shot it would be great but frankly don’t care. If he does the other three things, taking ten foot shots could mean he’s giving the opponent offensive boards and layups. I’m looking for dunks. I hope we have other bigs who have ten foot shots.
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  6. I appreciate your perspective in the basketball threads so I hope you’re correct on Fuller.

    There’s just such a big leap from high school to one of the top conferences in D1 basketball. I’ve not watched a ton on him, so I’m guarded in my expectations on what he’ll be able to contribute early on just based on him being young.

    I thought Archie(from what I watched) would have been further along, but the best he could do was give effort/hustle.
  7. Our starters should be

    I think Pearson is going to be pretty good and he’s older than the other freshmen. Smith and FF hopefully get their legs under them enough to help us in conference play. I hope Desmond and PJ are our best players and Samuel keeps being a defensive force.
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  8. I will go on record as saying 19-20 Fuller will be better than 18-19 Noi.
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  9. If we stay healthy, we will be better than the last 2 seasons.
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  10. This is huge news! Bane will be the leader of this team and they needed him to be there. Last year’s team played with 7 guys. That limits lots of things you want to do as a coach. Assuming they don’t get bitten by the same injury bug, this team will be better than last year. Go Frogs!!
  11. If we can get the Nembhard who showed up at the end of the season, and if the newcomers are indeed good, we're gonna be very salty and our only glaring weakness IMO will be interior depth.
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  12. There were 3 Noi’s this season. Injured beginning of the season Noi, Mid-season on fire Noi, and end of the season anybody seen Noi, Noi?
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  13. We will likely be more balanced on offense with better movement. As indebted as we are to ARob, he tended to hold the ball too long and over-dribble. Some of that was due to limited scoring options. If we can stay healthy, we’ll be very good by end of season.
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  14. From what I’ve heard we’re expecting to start Bane, Fuller and the UTA transfer at guards with Samuel and still hoping to land someone at the 4 spot. Obviously a lot can change from now until Nov but sounds like we expect Fuller to be the primary ball handler.
  15. Davis will be the primary ball handler and starting PG unless Farabello somehow beats him out. I will be shocked if the UTA transfer has much of an impact.
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  16. I want some of what he’s drinking. We will be nine Fr and Soph with two seniors one of which has never played for the Frogs.

    I’m not saying we can’t be good but it’s not a given.
  17. If Dennis is starting then we will be in trouble. He’s a career 37/30/77 shooter and that’s pretty weak. I don’t want him taking shots away from Desmond or Fuller. Let’s hope he’s an off the bench guy who can give us points in bunches without dominating the ball.
  18. High school kids don't need 42, as I think KD will match Arob's scoring average of 12.5 ppg. Also we will pick up 5 pts from your math error as those three scoring averages were 13.9, 12.5 and 10.8, or 37.2 ppg's.
  19. I have a few points to defend myself. #1 Bane Davis Fuller are a great Backcourt.

    #2- Samuel is going to beast it. We need Barlow to develop.

    #3- My assumption is that Diante Smith ends up starting at 4. He is better skilled than JD , more athletic. Maybe less strength.

    Overall Noi was not good at defense. Remains to be seen what we do to replace him, but I have a feeling we come back with a vengeance.
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    Your correction is duly noted - thanks. If you consider what we lost (Noi, JD, Alex, and Fisher) it's 49.3 pts./game - IMO we are going to have a difficult time equaling or bettering that stat.

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