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TCU Baseball vs the Movin' Mavs

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurplFrawg, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. Awesome game thread y'all! I had a work dinner so couldn't get to the site. Nice to catch up and see what happened to get us where we are.

    Now let's go and win this thing!
  2. Blue is just guessing now
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  3. i am really happy beethe ot out of it, but wasn't that the same pitch that was missed 5-6 minutes ago?
  4. One out single for Gray
  5. i'm confused, why fake the bunt there and take the pitch?
  6. Ump turns a 3-1 into a 2-2. He’s really messing up some pitchers and batters
  7. Lead off single
  8. Frogs will lead off with Speaker in B12
  9. A couple of fans hollered “portal” to Kiefer
  10. Shouldn’t have moved the CF over I guess.
  11. good job kaylee hartung in the booth with chuck
  12. huh?
  13. That dumbass says "he has a 10 game hitting streak and is 0 for 4". You knew that was it.
  14. Now CJS over-coaching may really bite us now.
  15. as madfrog noted, the young guy with chuck makes note that aube came into the game with a 10 game hitting streak and he has had plenty of chances to extend that streak.....

    you know the rest of the history
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  16. Earned loss
  17. Doesn't bode well for this weekend.
  18. Disappointing effort. Can't strand 12 runners. Can't fail to bunt a runner along and then hit into a double play.

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