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TCU 360: Tuition to exceed $50,000 moving forward

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. No doubt, and when full tuition at UT and A&M is around $10k, why would anyone even a rich person consider TCU as an option? It makes literally zero economic sense.
  2. In all seriousness the Universiry should start paring down majors if they charge that much. Music performance, music Ed, elementary and secondary education, acting degrees. 300k for a music education degree??? Crazy
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  3. Agree but I will say that when you do a campus tour everything is very impressive and TCU stands out from that perspective. Probably not worth the price to many but it's likely that some fall in love for that reason.
  4. You are going to ruin the belief of some of the people on this thread that think TCU is the only school with high tuition issues....that TCU is just gouging students for profit
  5. I’ve spoke a few people from around the country (relatives, etc) who have said TCU was the best campus they’ve been to. And these are people who toured highly regarded campuses coast to coast.

    Harvard dorms are terriawful FWIW
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  6. I definitely agree with this - VBo won’t even talk to me about it anymore after my granddaughter majored in Communications and I asked him what companies come to recruit at TCU for that degree and the answer was none

    of course I also told her to pick a different major and she ignored me because she thought getting a degree meant she would get a job regardless
  7. 15 page minimum thread IMHO.
  8. Because only the top 5% get into those schools

    and the total cost of attendance at both of those schools for student not living on campus (which is basically anyone not a freshman) is well over $35k a year due to actual housing and living expenses for off campus living
  9. I'll probably encourage my kids to go to Toby's Business College.
  10. Not true, at all.

    Steel has had 3 kids go to those schools, and none were top 5%.

    And your estimates for living expenses is wildly inaccurate. $25,000 to live for 9 months on College Station? Not hardly. You can get a decent apartment in CS for $4-500 (Steel has done this). Total cost including tuition without any assistance is under $20k.
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  11. No. I don’t think they care at all.
  12. Not difficult to believe
  13. Harvard campus is a dump, for real. UPenn too. Northwestern blows too though they are upgrading. Rice blows. Lots of schools have not great accommodations. On the other hand, there are MANY campuses better than TCU's (partly owing to the physical environment). Pepperdine, UVA, VaTech, App State, Boudoin, Steel could go on and on.

    Steel's thought on school's having crap accommodations for students: Good. The kids should live in relative squalor to be encouraged to do like their parents did and Get a Job, Sir!

    The idea of paying a premium so kids can live better than Steel can at his house is high comedy. Especially when that is at the expense of a premium education.
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  14. He was recently interviewed by the Musers.
  15. When? - 10 years ago?

    you might check the state published entrance standards if you don’t think you have to be top of your class (except athletes) to get in to either- at least out of high school

    I have a grandkid at both right now - I help pay for both every month and every semester

    you can’t sign a 9 month lease in either city to start - so you are wrong on that front

    with the new apartments in college station starting at $2k/month - every rent in town doubled in the last decade unless you want to live 20 mins from campus and drive. Home prices have gone crazy since they moved to the SEC and rents for those are even worse

    you can’t live in the Youth Hostile in Austin anywhere near UT for $500/month. You have to get well over 20 mins from campus to see anything close to that. Anything that would be considered close enough to campus to not being a commuter student is going to run you twice that to start and you better find roommates to get it that low.

    then you have to pay commuting expenses for car, gas, parking and the cost of living in a city that is 30% more expensive than Ft Worth

    and again - if you got into UT out of high school and had applied to TCU with early acceptance - your would have most likely qualified for enough aid to make the difference pretty small

    It’s not the same level but acting like UT or Aggy is so cheap so why doesn’t everyone just go there is not true at all
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  16. Agree with all of this. Bowdoin is a gem that nobody here seems to know about.
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  17. Maniac is married now, but I suspect he might still fit that description too.
  18. Well gee let's see, Steel has 2 at A&M right now, and pays all the bills; and had one graduate UT last year, and paid all the bills for 4 years there. So, if your experience is different, maybe you are getting ripped off. And none of Steel's 3 that went there was top 5%.

    There's cheap ways to do everything and expensive ways to do everything, you must be on the expensive side. Steel doesn't roll that way. Indulging the kids in college isn't gonna happen.
  19. I bought my daughter "The Bible for Dummies" for $20 and it was the best money I spent in her 6 years.
  20. Bowdoin is. They have just a terrific museum on the campus there, something like the museum of arctic exploration. Gorgeous campus. Would never send a kid there though, unless somehow it was reasonably priced. Expensive school.

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