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TCU 360: TCU expects $90 million shortfall to budget

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Yeah, $91 M is objectively a [ #2020 ] ton of money. But a 10%-ish budget cut in this nightmare we are living is far from as bad as it could be. They were planning to cut 20% of the budget. So here’s hoping folks won’t lose their jobs.
  2. No offense to you and your friends, but TCU is nowhere close to being in a comparable position. Literally miles away from ever considering such actions.
  3. Thanks for stating the obvious.
  4. We need over 2 billion in our endowment we have been stuck at one billion for too long!
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  5. Mac Engle just published an idiotic story "Why Universities cut rather than tap from their massive endowments." It's so bad the FSWT should take it down. It's one thing to write sports opinions when you don't understand sports, is quite another to write an explainer on endowments when you don't have the first clue about UPMIFA. A correction to the story would be, "we tried to fix the story but we couldn't so we just took it down."
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  6. make it happen and write the check if it is that big an issue to you
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  7. Reason is that the potential for biggest gifts to enlarge the endowment has all been directed toward enlarging our football stadium, building a new Ad building and a big performance auditorium, among other things, totaling a good half billion right there. (Plus a lot of $ on asian jasmine ivy, crepe myrtle trees and live oaks!)
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  8. Brace for:

    “Hi, I’m Tom from TCU. I’m a sophomore general studies major.”

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  9. If that is their net income the past 5 years,
    couldn't they at least put a freeze on tuition increases?
  10. No, because they have been trying to expand the university in other areas at the same time... New schools, new professors, new dorms, new services, more research, etc. etc.

    Now, the board does appear to be serious about getting tuition increases down to inflation or so, especially past this fundraising campaign, but we shall see.
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  11. He appears to be saying "Boom shaka laka."
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