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Tailgate Foods?

Discussion in 'Tailgating/BBQ' started by HooksRubFrog, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. What foods do you like to cook at tailgates? I know brats/burgers/dogs, but what else outside of those? Also other than beer, what cocktails are we slingin?

    Just want some different ideas. Thanks!
  2. Sometimes I'll smoke or slow cook a pork butt and shred it and mix in half a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays and half a bottle of Stubbs the day before, then heat it and toast the buns on the Blackstone at the tailgate. Same with brisket. Something about that extra bit of caramelized crust from cooking again on the griddle just adds to it. Brisket and cream cheese or browned breakfast sausage and cream cheese stuffed jalepenos or mini sweet peppers wrapped in bacon. Mixing the meat with the cream cheese HELPS to keep all of the cheese from running out. Steak and shrimp kabobs with yum yum sauce. Can't really help with the cocktails, it's basically beer and rum and cokes. Mimosas have made an appearance for 11am games.
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  3. Pot roast hits the spot on those September game days
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  4. I couldn’t agree more.
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  5. chicken livers wrapped in bacon
  6. My go to is a couple of fat joints washed down with a Longneck Pearl sandwich. Or, if I’m trying to stay healthy, a Longneck Lone Star sandwich.

    Happy tailgating.

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  7. I cook jambalaya at home and bring it with me, 30 minutes max from setting it out to gone. I have also done red beans and rice. David Hawthornes Not Just Q has done bbq for us, worth doing every year! Anyone ever cook more than John Marsh?
  8. All out of chili?
  9. Where do “we” need to come for this again?:D The Blackstone one of the portable types?
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  10. We have a pretty sweet setup over at Alice Carlson where they let us use some of their existing permanent structures. I take my 22" portable Blackstone for its good size and versatility.

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