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Summertime Love with my Summertime Lover

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by LVH, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Give me one chance I'll treat you like a princess
  2. A filthy princess


  3. Wrong dating site dude
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  4. Dead
  5. I really hope we get the backstory on this.
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  6. I would prefer that you make up the back story and share it
  7. Once I had a summer love
    That lived within the heart of me
    All too soon my summer love
    Became impatient to be free

    So I told a friendly star
    The way that dreamers often do
    Just how wonderful you are
    And why I'm so in love with you

    Now I shout it from the highest hills
    Even told the golden daffodils
    At last my heart's an open door
    And my summer love is no secret anymore

    Apologies to Doris Day
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  8. Has nobody else seen the boy band ad they’re running on espn all the time during these football games this weekend? Practically every commercial break. This is a song from the ad.
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  9. I’ve seen it but never listened to it. That explanation isn’t nearly as fun as pretty much all others. Disappointing.
  10. Trump landside (and by the largest margin ever) in 2020.
  11. And how does this relate?
  12. It doesn't, but I was inspired by your presence on this thread. Was looking for something political concerning how the Dems' actions are giving them no shot to win the White House in '20 and lose the Congress while GOP keeps the Senate.
  13. Probably barking up the wrong tree here. I don’t do politics.
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    Maybe it is just me, but your handle implies that you are a tree-hugging liberal. And speaking of such, why in the hell is there not anything in this forum about the bogus "impeachment" hearings? This used to be a great place to slam liberals (since TCU, of course, is made of moistly Republicans) or just talk politics. I guess all the libbys moved over to shackdotcom website (making fun of that other offshoot TCU fan forum). Again, can't believe considering today's events that this forum is silent. How much 5-7 crap can one discuss, anyway?
  15. It’s just you.
  16. :p

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