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Summer Sports Dead Zone Trivia Tuesday, round 2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ShadowFrog, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. What changes would you like to see in this year‘s band? Uniforms, music, formations mics, spirit oddball ideas? Here’s my recommendation, add a sledge hammer and anvil for the good old IronMan downbeat loud KLANG sound.
  2. I would like to see a crisp, like 1 minute or under, team entrance song. I liked the 2014 intro video.
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    To be more concise, I hope TCU Athletics would do an updated version of this video they previously did, but make it more the entrance video minus the Beetle Juice and HyptoFrog at the end. This was one of the best edited videos TCU Athletics put out the last couple of years.
  4. More cowbell. And xylophone.

    And can we please go back to the live rappers? That was almost as good as the Star Wars vs. Star Trek halftime show.
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  5. I would like the introduction of operatic elements to the band. There’s a reason Bohemian Rhapsody is such a popular song - opera!
    Maybe get a few opera singers who could put on a football-themed mini-opera during halftime. And then, they could do the whole “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings” bit at the end of the third quarter.
  6. Just new music. Please. Pretty please with sugar etc.
  7. The only thing I care about


    Is to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop doing the “go frogs” chant in pregame

    It completely kills all the momentum the music and videos build up and is so cringe-worthy that many or most fans refuse to participate. It’s also a pretty blatant rip off of Tech’s raider power cheer.

    (I know this isn’t related to the band but I hate it so much)
  8. Most, if not all, schools do a back and forth style chant before kickoff. And I’m almost certain tech didn’t invent it
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  9. I like it if a guy with a mic didn’t start it.
  10. I like the "Go Frogs" chant before the game and think it should stay cowboy cheerleader and all. Sorry.

    I think this was the worst intro video TCU Athletics has done so far and something like this needs to be avoided in the future. You can't hear anything people are saying in it if you aren't directly looking at the video from the south side, and it was just weird, and too long. You can see in this video how it completely sapped the energy out of the crowd even though we were playing at home vs Baylor.

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  11. The band should be less like UT and more like Rice. Screw the q tip feathered hats and tired uniforms. Play something upbeat. More cowbell. Less things that aren’t good.
  12. I thought the same thing until I was at an Alabama game last year. They had the same issue, and had a cheerleader with a mike starting their "ALA" - "BAMA" cheer before the game. If those fans need help, than I am not embarrassed that we do to.
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  13. I don’t have a problem with it. It would be more impactful if people would get their arses in the stadium before the actual game starts.
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  14. This^^^

    The most effective thing would be to mount a bunch of speakers facing the tailgate lots, and blast some audio of LHCGMFP hollering "All right! Put down your beers, finish your food, and get your asses in here. NOW!"
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  15. Band-New uniforms, please. Be more like bands in the midwest or California. They march and they still play newer, popular songs. I know our band performs like the Texas high school bands with all the percussion instruments on the side. That is not what a marching band should do. I don't care about band competitions.

    Show Girl-They're perfect.

    Cheerleaders-Station them better where they can make a better impact.

    Color Block-Only a whiteout or a blackout. The rest just purple. Doing sections or sides with different colors does not look that effective in our stadium due to the seats being spread out. It does look great on TV when we do a whiteout no matter what the fuddy duddies say. So does a black out.

    Fans-Be all in. Why buy tickets if you don't show up or leave at half-time and don't come back? Gary and the team deserve better. I know Alabama even has this problem to some extent and is looking at ways to reward those fans who are there every game and for the entire time.
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  16. No amount of cowbell will make us as cool as the Stanford band.

  17. Since this thread title mention trivia, what time was it when Dorothy crashed her house into the wicked witch of the East?
    (Hint: The Mayor of Munchkin City was wearing a pocket watch)
  18. We used to yell Purple - White before the school colors changed. Killer - Frogs would be a good replacement.
  19. Tiny instruments
  20. Here is my thought on getting people in for kickoff. TCU Athletics goes and gets a couple of flat bead style golf carts. Like 2 of them. Have Physical Plant make two Texas size dinner triangles like they have for chuck wagon dinners. Like oversized purple ones. Put the current security wait time under the triangle for all fans to see. 40 minutes before the national anthem, put a couple of TCU Cheerleaders in these carts ringing these triangles to call in the Frogs from tailgate. People hate waiting in line for security and bring ling that wait time to their attention won't hurt.

    I also think TCU Atheltics should move up by like twenty minutes when the band and Showgirls perform in Frog Alley. I clogs the east side security gates bad afterwards and delays people getting in the stadium.

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