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Story Behind Little Sisters of the Poor Billboards

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Nice article
  2. I gotta give Gee credit for being a good sport throughout all the fallout from that quote.
  3. He’s just happy Jim Tressel didn’t dismiss him.
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  4. Front page of ESPN right now
  5. Lots of TCU on the front page today:
    Screenshot from 2018-09-14 08-08-33.png
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  6. Above Andy Dalton of all things. Classic.
  7. something to celebrate is the great technology on this board.

    namely the ignore feaure because yance all you are doing is trolling for a fight.

    shame in buckeye tradition there isn't a woman around for you to take a swing at, but then again i would put my money on lisa t, sparkle, or quilter
  8. Rod, is that you?
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  9. I'm just enjoying a little football banter. Taking shots at Buckeye Nation after one coach was accused of DV (never once charged or arrested while at OSU) is your prerogative, but I'd probably refrain from lumping us all together as if we take pride in the actions (or inactions) of our coaching staff at the time.

    Back to football?
  10. Not until he starts talking attendance
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Based on your avatar, @Froglaw are you a part of this crew?
  13. So you're the guy who rips a loud fart in a staff meeting at work, then with an annoyed look says "can we get back to the meeting?"
  14. For Smith to be charged and arrested, someone would have had to turn him in. It didn't happen because everybody at Ohio State was to absorbed in covering it up.
  15. Yankees, that’s the very same question Art Briles initially asked the media when the rape story broke..
  16. I meant to say Yance instead of Yankees.. if Yance is indeed a yankee, I should apologize but won’t..
  17. Try hard

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