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Start of a Trend? *5 Basketball Player to Howard

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MCFROG III, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. This conversation has been started and will be interesting to see if others follow.
    Even if he plays 1 year & jumps to NBA, wonder how this will play out, and will it start to affect football where money talks???
  2. Very interesting
  3. What is the conversation?
  4. Might get a few one and done type basketball players, but this won’t be a lasting trend.
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  6. If it did become a trend it would definitely shake up the ncaa landscape.
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  7. Will be interesting to see if anyone, or how many follow. A quick google search shows Howard’s entire basketball budget is just over a million dollars a year. Call me skeptical.

    The recruiting budgets alone for the Kentucky’s and Dukes of the 5 star basketball world are 3 times that. The lack of tv exposure won’t sit well with most of these kids.

    I played at a small school my freshman year. Riding in small vans packed in, staying at ship hotels(when we were greater than 5 hours away), eating ship food isn’t fun.

    I suspect most of these guys that have options won’t be interested in that.
  8. Howard is a big-time academics school, sort of like Duke, Vandy, Georgetown, etc. No matter how crappy their record has been the last few (or many) years, it will be interesting to see if their administration puts up with a basketball staff that hires a string of one-and-done star players, whether the staff was hired to find a "new direction" or not. Of course it will take a few years to see how that plays out. Mr. Maker could be the last one-and-done for the program, too.
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  9. Doubt he’ll even be the first.
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  10. Howard is not your typical HBCU school, they have far more resources than the other MEAC/SWAC schools do. Even then, they still do nothing but play buy games throughout the entire non conference slate. Let's see how Makar Maker likes having to take long bus rides all over the country only to be destroyed by P5 teams for 2 months.

    I dont think people realize how destitute most HBCUs are, terrible facilities, you have high schools that have better facilities and resources than most SWAC/MEAC schools.

    The main problem with HBCUs is the fact that they are kickback schemes with the university being the front. Look at a school like Southern-New Orleans, 7% graduation rate. These schools exist primarily to grease the palms and give cushy jobs with high salaries to connected politicians/community leaders and friends/family of said politicians. And if anyone tries to make these schools more accountable with their spending, they get called racist.
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  11. And here we go.
    I'm curious to see how it develops.
  12. I'll bet anybody a can a Coke he never steps foot on Howard's campus....he's gonna come to his senses and go to UK or KU or somewhere bigtime...or he goes the D League or Euro route....

    This is akin to a Rhodes Scholar-type going to TCJC...someone is gonna get in his ear and tell him his development will be severely hampered by choosing this route that could cost him millions of dollars...
  13. I wonder if Makur's mark will be left on college basketball.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. That’sthejoke.gif
  16. Howard is an elite HBCU school. Nothing I can find seems to indicate it ranks anywhere near Duke, Vandy, et al. If going by US News ranking alone, it is 104 7 seven below TCU.
  17. Welp, that settles it. No one argues with the gospel of USNWR rankings.
  18. I understand, but it was the only thing I can find on Howard’s academic standing. What’s your source. Not saying there isn’t, I just couldn’t find anything that indicates Howard is on par with the schools you cited.
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  19. Because he posted it on the internet. Must be true.
  20. I think he meant to say it is the Harvard/Duke/Yale/whatever of HBCUs, not equivalent to those schools.
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