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Star Ok State player refuses to play for OSU because Gundy wears OAN shirt

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Paul in uhh, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Had to Google OAN. Never heard of it in my life.
  2. If he doesnt like it he can scheiss right off back to Canada. That's the difference between Canada and the United States, we actually have freednom of speech and expression here

    Chuba can go suck off that loser Trudeau some more. Where is Chuba's outrage over Trudeau's blackface? That seems worse to me than wearing an OAN shirt.
  3. thought the difference was in the bacon.

    so what you are saying is canada you aren't allowed to express yourself?
  4. I’m glad you pointed that out so I didn’t have to respond.
  5. Canada is basically the new Soviet Union. This is known.
  6. fairly sure most people with the exception of sweat equity who is a diehard vegan knows the difference in fake bacon aka canadian bacon and god's gift to taste buds american bacon
  7. I have my own opinion of OANN.

    If you want an explanation of OANN and who they are, here is a more humoristic approach by John Oliver.

    He addressed the relationship between Trump and OANN in a segment on his weekly show a few weeks back.

    You can click on the show's segment about 1/3 of the way down to watch their research.

  8. I like Canada. Lived in Toronto for a couple of years as a kid. Let be truthful though, Canadian bacon is just ham.
  9. LMAO!!!

    As far as I understand, OAN is just a right leaning conservative news channel.

    Is this the new standard? Throw a damn hissy fit anytime someone holds a different opinion than you do? Give me a scheissing break. This is beyond pathetic.
  10. you mean professor ian duncan

  11. I disregard anything from John Oliver

    John Oliver is the definition of smug low testosterone, low muscle mass, effiminate soy liberal who likes the smell of his own farts. He sits there with his holier than thou, I am smarter and more intellectual than you attitude, and uses audience manipulation tactics with his delivery to make it sound like he knows what he is talking about(he doesnt).

    I'd rather jump off the Stratosphere than be a thick framed glasses wearing, low testosterone soy like John Cuckiver, or watch his [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty show
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  12. You should see the /r/CFB reaction to this story on reddit. I stopped going to that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]hole, but I ventured over there just to see the reaction.

    It is what you would expect. Everyone calling Gundy a racist, with the Oklahoma State flairs leading the charge to call him a racist and get him fired

    And yet these same people are probably the ones who complain that we are too polarized and divided. When they end up kneejerking over someone wearing a damn t shirt.
  13. I do hope this young man contacted his coach directly about this before twittering this out.
  14. Don't give a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. Thanks though. All I needed to see was "tv news network" to know how little I care about them and how stupid this tweet was.
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  15. interesting opinion considering this is exactly what you’re doing. Hubbard is expressing an opinion, and actions, that are different than yours and you seem to be throwing a hissy fit.
  16. I applaud the move by Hubbard, his teammates and all the other teams this happens to. They should really show the university how serious they are by refusing to attend class also and releasing the scholarship. Somehow I imagine they won’t go that far.
  17. Right "leaning"? Think again.

    Of all the OSU shirts that Gundy has in his closet, that was one dumb move on his part.
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  18. I think we are having the reaction we are having because we think its stupid. We aren't throwing a hissy fit, we are just laughing at how these types get so triggered over trivial things. Just like I would laugh if, for example, Tom Herman was wearing a Young Turks t shirt. I wouldn't get upset.

    This is why you can't give any ground to the BGI. They will never be satisfied, and just find new things to claim grievances over.
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  19. Since you seem to be an expert at all things OANN, please give some examples about how OANN is really really bad.
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