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Stanford QB Davis Mills to TCU (link)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Goo, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4242546/davis-mills

    Davis Mills is a Sr at Stanford and looking to play this fall. He was a 5-star recruit but struggling with Stanford in 4-8 season and a long way from Georgia. He got to know TCU from watching us beat the Cardinals in Alamo Bowl two years ago. I don’t think he played in that game but was seemingly impressed with our offense and program. Not sure if he is the PAC-12 senior QB transfer but fits the bill from what I’ve heard. Supposedly only 5 days left in transfer portal. Before all this, I assumed portal was closed for the fall. It will be quick to get him or the Big10 senior QB ready for SMU on 9/12 but we can keep offense simple and I imagine he’s already been familiarizing himself. I have no inside info on him or the B10 Sr QB mentioned in the other thread on here.
  2. Is this a wish or a breaking news report? See nothing that states he’s transferring.
  3. No official news yet. Check the Stanford fan board for info, however reliable that is. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Their QB last year transferred to Mississippi for his Sr year. Maybe there is a history of QB getting frustrated.
  4. Is he a graduate? Does he still need to be approved for immediate playing time? Curious what the ruling is for anyone transferring out of the Big Ten Or Pac-12.
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  5. “He got to know TCU from watching us beat the Cardinals in Alamo Bowl two years ago.”

    They are not the Cardinals. It’s the Stanford Cardinal, as in the color cardinal red. They were forever the Indians but changed it 25 years ago ish.
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  6. Closer to 50 years. 1972'ish.
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    But can he qualify academically to get in TCU?
  8. remember I was the one who broke the Cam Newton payment deal that had over 25,000 views on killerfrogs and 4 days later was broken to be true. Like this, I heard it from a friend
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  9. Thank you captain obvious. I bet 99% of the cfb fans and TCU grads on here know that But like The Cleveland Browns (Paul Brown) when you play a group or team it’s common to refer in plural form Cardinals (Cardinal red).
    side note I have friend who was their mascot
  10. Well that’s just depressing as hell. And you ought to know better.
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    If Mills does come to TCU, he will be used to throwing to the TEs a bunch at Stanford and Tight Ends is an area where we will excel and need to get more use out of this year.
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  12. I told you all that this was happening. Some folks (like MOOSEPOOP) are too stubborn to have a brain. And some folks just refuse to listen.

    Tcu still talking to a B10 QB and a MWC QB in addition to this guy.

    What some of you don't realize is that some of these kids (and their parents) in the B10 and Pac12 are furious with their Leagues for cancelling the season. And they are saying "THE HELLLL WITH THE LEAGUE AND THE TEAM WE ARE ON - WE WILL TRANSFER AND DO WHAT's BEST FOR US AND OUR FAMILIES".

    There are some mighty enraged players out there on those teams who are saying the helllll with it, Im transferring.

    Idiots like MOOSEPOOP are just too ignorant to come in out of the rain - which is why so many posters here consider him a laughingstock and have asked him to leave this board. Do us all a favor POOP and LEAVE !! Bye now toots !
  13. I assumed ^^^ person was an adult. I was wrong.
  14. And PEACE.....you can leave too. Many posters here are sick and tired of your nonsense. You and POOP can go ! Bye Toots
  15. Anyone, who doesn’t believe all these guys are in play for this year and especially next year isn’t paying attention.

    Goo has broken big stories like this before. I can’t promise anything and best guess is 80% chance he’s coming. But in the 20% chance he doesn’t means nothing to goo our my source just simply that it didn’t work out.

    As others have mentioned B10 players looking to move also

    another issue is big10/Pac 12 cancelling 2021. Who can predict how if Covid improves in the next year and it’s highly likely that they cancel two season while Big12/SEC play both. This is also a hot topic with HS recruits wondering if B10 cancels next year and B12-Sec play

    hope we get him
  16. I think some posters in the past have suggested that WyomingFrog (and his many past handles) might not actually be a troll but instead someone on the spectrum or with some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder.
  17. Looking more and more like Goo and Wyoming are the same person
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  18. Wyoming may not be an adult.

    I do a lot of property management and require prospects to apply online.

    Got a call the other day from an irate mother whose 16 year old daughter applied to lease a house and paid the $39 application fee with mom's credit card.

    "Don't you verify the age of your applicants?" Uh, no, she electronically signed right under a disclosure stating she WAS of legal age.

    So no, Wyoming may not be an adult.

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