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Sptspage: Hubble telescope finally spots TCU band

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gil LeBreton, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Sptspage: Hubble telescope finally spots TCU band


    About 50 yards north and more than 100 feet high of the Longhorns’ student section, there was a patch of purple and white, perched in the northeast corner of the upper deck, likely with a better view of Round Rock than the turf where Texas would soon hand No. 17 TCU a 31-16 loss.

    Wait, what was the TCU marching band doing all the way up in the stratosphere?

    Read more at: https://sptspage.com/hubble-telescope-finally-spots-tcu-band/
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  2. Wouldn't mind seeing UT's band tickets revoked in Ft Worth next year.
  3. That would be about 900 extra seats.
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  4. I feel like that is a CDC back stab. I feel bad for the kids in our band who put so much time into it. Cold blooded to me...
  5. Did the band march at halftime and if so, did they leave their seats at the end of the 1st quarter to make their way to the field on time?
  6. Think the Big 12 either needs to do the SEC rule where a certain number of seats have to be a good location or change it to a % of stadium capacity
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  7. They did. Left quite early in the 2nd it seemed.
  8. Split the UT band in two next year, half in nw corner 400, half in sw corner.
  9. Tell 'em the game's at Jerry World.
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  10. Dont we put the opposing band in the nosebleeds?
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  11. usually they end up sitting on the lower west side after buying enough tickets off stub hub
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  12. We do put them at the top and in a corner. But it’s still only about half as high up.
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  13. Lets build the staydjum taller and move them farther up.
  14. Just make a rickety platform on stilts about another 100 feet high with a ladder on the side.
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  15. We do the same thing, and they also did thag to USC and whoever else they've played at home this year. It's not like they played the fight song much anyway .
  16. If we are the only team that has its band up there then we can be outraged. If it’s what they do now to every team then why should we care? It’s not great but it’s not a personal insult.
  17. Or, put them in the basketball coliseum.
  18. Our nose bleed on the east side isn't anything like DKR upper corner section where they stuck our band.
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  19. Actually, that corner of AGC is acoustically beneficial, so instead of making it a point of hiding the band in the corner it amplifies their overall sound. I've said since day one of the renovation they should put the visiting band somewhere else, but unfortunately the worst place for a band to sit in AGC is where our band is.
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    We put them in the 200’s on the east side

    Not exactly the same thing
    Just because there isn’t a section above it doesn’t mean it’s the nose bleeds

    We could easily put them in th 400’s in the West

    We have a lot of fans with worse seats than the visitor band

    That wasn’t true at DKR last weekend
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