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Sports betting in Texas. When?


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Gambling laws are a bit fuzzy to me (I can place bets on a horse or greyhound dog who are likely absolutely loaded on performance-enhancing drugs and abused at my local track but not on a sports team made up of human beings).

Seems like making sports betting illegal is a wasted opportunity. Offshore accounts obviously don't mind.

Hell, I watched Sportscenter for the first time since 2004, they have their own segment about how to place bets on games today!?!? Sports betting is as mainstream as your young startup CEO having sleeve tattoos.

I know if sports betting was legalized alot of other forms of betting would need to be considered as well. Slippery slope or adapting to the inevitable, depends on how you see it I guess.

Dumb and pearl-clutching replies are welcome.
Casino gaming is the long term goal. Set up 5 gaming zones (Gulf Coast, West Texas, Valley, Hill Country, and North Texas). Allow 1 or 2 destination resort gaming licences in each zone. Tax the hell out of it, and all proceeds go to education and rainy day fund.

It will never happen though because dirty Texas politicians line their pockets with under-the-table money from the Oklahoma and Louisiana gaming lobbies.

Oh, and go ahead and legalize the Poker Rooms already. It's beyond ridiculous at this point.


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All we are doing is sending our money to Oklahoma and Louisiana. State Legislature and Governor has their heads buried in the sand on gambling.
No, Gehornter has it exactly correct above. The lobbies for those States, and Vegas, are what's keeping "legal" gambling out of Texas. I would imagine there's also Airline money there, too, because people damned sure aren't walking to the desert...

The old saw is, "Who benefits?" Another old saw is, "When Legislators determine what can and cannot be sold, the first things bought and sold are the Legislators."


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Yes, let's send our Bible thumping Widows on those not so safe interstates to Okie and Lousyana to gamble their retirement incomes, instead of gambling those retirement incomes in Texas. Guess the Oil Lobbyists don't want to lose Hwy fuel revenue and Austin prefers the gas tax revenue ?$?$?$?
You think Republicans are the only ones taking money from the Oklahoma and Louisiana gaming lobbies? Both parties are to blame. I'm sure Nevada gaming lobbies also pay off the political entities in Texas.
Harrah's and MGM would bend over backwards and do backflips to get into Texas. They aren't the ones fighting it.

It's ridiculous when you realize how many states have legalized casino gambling now, and yet here's backwards ass Texas being sanctimonious on one hand while taking piles of cash under the table from Oklahoma, Louisiana and the tribes. I hate all politicians.


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Casinos bankrupt their locals...which leads to more problems.

Read ..."Bad Bet on the Bayou". It's how Louisiana legalized gambling and the problems it caused. It's the most shocking, informative, crazy book I've ever read.


Was I supposed to type something here?
Tilman Fertitta has been lobbying for about 4 cycles now to get Casino Gambling legalized for Galveston Island. He has carefully bought up much of the prime real estate there, and already owns a couple of Vegas Hotel/Casinos, one of which is the Golden Nugget. Should the Lege do his bidding, he could move quickly to stand up Gaming operations in properties he already owns, and with cash flow, leverage out other properties into a monopoly position.

This is why the Other Casino outfits don't want it: Tilman would run his own island empire and they would have no toehold. Texas Legislators are happy to take the money of both parties every two years, and continue to kick the can down the road...


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Was Louisiana ever stable to begin with?

No...but gambling helped jack it up even further. Everyone thinks gambling is a boon for the state...but it literally drains resources and creates more problems than it's worth. It truly is a tax on the poor and elderly. Spend some time in Louisiana casinos during a weekday and it's not tourists...its locals, giving their life savings away.

Keep Texas casino free...

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