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Sporting News: College Football Playoff and bowl projections

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, May 23, 2019.

  1. Longhorns to semi-finals lol.
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  2. Do these "writers" forget Gary can coach? I think there is a reckoning coming this Fall and purple is its color. TCU defense is going to be sick and we have a seasoned 5th year quarterback with weapons all around and talented quarterbacks backing him up.
  3. The ironing is delicious.
  4. Texas Bowl sounds about right
  5. Bovine love is hilarious by the national media!!!!! And muck!
  6. I bet you say this every year..
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  7. But this year we have a seasoned 5th-year QB. Never mind the 5 career TD passes and 56% completion percentage.
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    A predictive TX bowl invite would mean the Sporting News sees us as only a game or two better then last year....They definitively have OU, TX, ISU better and our Frogs, OSU, Bay, and TT in that 6-8 win category...That’s probably not all that off on paper..I personally think we are going to be a bit better but how much...who knows..

    I still think TX is tops an 8 win team next year..If they punch over that then Herman is better then we are giving him credit for...Right now he’s getting an incredible amount of benefit of doubt..

    Edit: I just heard an interview on my local sports radio station with the guy who wrote this Sporting News article...his knowledge of Big12 football is about as solid as my knowledge of the long term medical effects of weed..
  9. Texas' ranking seems to ride a great deal on Ehlinger being really good and really healthy all year.
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  10. QBs are important...Extremely important.. but they don’t block and tackle..UT seemed to loose a lot of guys who block and tackled...

    Consequently, we have decent amount of returning “block and tacklers”...QB play will dictate our seasons success. Obviously most Frog fans drastically underestimated how our lack of OL experience would effect last years season....
  11. I think more than anything they underestimated how poor our QB play would be. The OL wasn't great, but it was a hell of a lot better than the QB play IMO.
  12. I went on a 2014-2015 TCU football binge last night. Wow. I forgot how good Boykin was (the OL was also very good). He actually looked at multiple receivers during the course of a play and could throw over the middle of the field. He was especially good in 2015. Just total night and day from what we saw in 2018 where it was one read (almost exclusively towards the sideline) and then panic.

    Oh and another thing I noticed, our core WRs stayed on the field for basically every play.
  13. I do that once a month to remind myself what a good offense looked like
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  14. The late season injuries really kept us from realizing our potential in 15
  15. OSU game would have been a lot different if Doctson doesn’t go down. He was on his way to having another huge game.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. A little OT - I just completed a motorcycle course. One of the guys there was a fresh Baylor grad and he's going to UT for grad work. I told him I was a Horned Frog and "I'm sorry" about his Baylor degree. He said we could still be friends. I said, "If you say so." His brother, also in the class, is a soph at TAMU. That family is screwed.

    That's what I typically do to Baylor grads. There are too many of them out there, btw.
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  18. Funny I did the same Wednesday night to about 2:45 am. I was dead tired yesterday but well worth it!!
  19. That’s how you establish a cult and ensure it’s surivival. Strength in numbers
  20. Maybe you can teach RollToad how to ride.
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