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Sporting News: 247Sports calls TCU one of most ‘overrated’ college football teams in country since 2010


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56) TCU Horned Frogs​

TCU was in the national championship just two years ago, but that fact already seems a distant memory. Considering the 65-7 final score against Georgia, it’s probably best for the Horned Frogs. Regardless, QB Josh Hoover flashed in his redshirt freshman season, but his injury allowed transfer addition Ken Seals to receive valuable first-team reps in the spring.

If Seals is named the starter, the Horned Frogs will fall down the 2024 Big 12 Power Rankings — we know who he is, and he isn’t a winning QB. Former Boise State head coach Andy Avalos comes in to stabilize a unit that was dead last in turnovers forced in the conference last year.


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Some of yall are missing the point. The argument is TCU is preseason poll overrated. Not once the season starts and we make the polls. Its just that we can't be counted on when we're in the top 25 before the season starts. And you can't argue much against that.


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Sure, 5 times TCU was ranked in the pre-season @ 20, 20, 13, 16, & 17. What about the three times that TCU was not ranked and finished 3, 9, & 2. To go from 20 to out is not that significant as a miss than NR to 2 or 3. The 3 times TCU was ranked wire to wire the polls were only off on average by 3 spots.

Year (Pre-season ranking, Final ranking)
2010 - 6/2
2011 - 14/14
2012 - 20/RV
2013 - 20/NR

2014 - RV/3
2015 - 2/7
2016 - 13/NR
2017 - RV/9
2018 - 16/NR
2019 - RV/NR
2020 - NR/NR
2022 - NR/2
2023 - 17/NR
Please no facts. They are way too confusing.