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Spectacular fireworks display...guess why.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Got home from the ISU basketball game celebrating the win. And an hour or so later here comes a spectacular, July the Fourth level, fireworks display coming from around Colonial Country Club. Lasted at least five minutes, with sky rockets and boom booms galore. Wow, I thought, someone is really celebrating our win. Called Colonial C Club, and no, they said, it was the culmination of a wedding held there last evening. Is that the new requirement, a five minutes long fireworks display to end your ceremony?
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  2. Pretty soon the married couple will be sitting court side and not clapping at our basketball games.
  3. Weddings have gotten out of control.
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  4. Four minutes is required. The extra minute is just being a show off.
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  5. Professional fireworks run about $1000/minute. So for a wedding that’s at Colonial, that’s almost certainly less than each of the food, alcohol, flowers, photography, videography, band, and dress.
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  6. Probably won’t be schlepping their soccer chairs to the berm at Lupton either.
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  7. And in a few years..... Can you imagine what the divorce party will look like?
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  8. interesting, if i had to do it again i would definitely shift money away from flowers for sure to fireworks at the end. possibly cut a bit from video and photos
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  9. Another new custom they say is gaining popularity at weddings: the couple flips a coin at the conclusion of the ceremony. Heads, they take his last name. Tails, they take hers. Appropriate choices, seems to me.
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  10. scheiss that.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Friend had a destination wedding in Costa Rica that had a pretty elaborate firework show. Was pretty cool, but glad I wasn't paying for the wedding.
  13. If it’s new it’s not a custom.
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    As have, if not more, the absolute ridiculous insanity of baby gender reveals.

    Who the hell cares about what kind of kid you’re having and how you want to social media post it?? Hate that junk to the nth degree.
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  15. I find it barbaric that pre-parents believe they are qualified to reveal what a child chooses to identify as.
  16. I save the fireworks for after the wedding.....oh....
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  17. Absolute worst thing ever.
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  18. The
  19. The only gender reveal I do is my own.
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