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Special teams on fire...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. ...both Song and our Aussie punter had great games. Song is dam near automatic and doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's not just making them...they are strong, high and down the middle. Dude is really good.

    And for a freshman to have that good a touch on short punts is so impressive. He has an NFL future.

    Only complaint is the kickoffs. Need much more depth...Song should be doing these so we can save Kiel's redshirt. Would love to have him as a 4 yr starter...not waste this year on just kickoffs.
  2. Defense, field position, and run game will get us very far this year. I am not concerned about QB play as long as those 3 things are running smoothly.

    We should be 4-0 going to Iowa State, who has looked bad offensively this year. Looking at the schedule if we can play like we played tonight only Oklahoma is the game that I think is unrealistic to win.
  3. He’s a freshman, but isn’t he like 23 or something?
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  4. My mind is fixed on 28... but not sure where I gleaned that number from (correct or not).
  5. Lucky SOB....
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  6. Aussie guy at OKie St is 28
  7. Hights is one heck of a special teams player. Always first down the field and has made some big hits these two games. If only he could catch.
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  8. Kiel kicked the first one damn near out of the end zone. I think they told him to kick them short
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  9. And give Moore a chance??? I freaking doubt it...GP I guarantee you wants that ball outta the end zone when there is a dangerous dude back there...
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  10. I'm starting to think they're so confident in our coverage team that they want to bait guys into returns. Moore only took one past the 25 to the 40. He got dropped behind the 20 several times. I felt like it was by design watching during the game.
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  11. No way....not with Moore back there. As ultra conservative as GP is..I'm telling you he doesnt want that dude running in space...just takes 1 guy making a lane and he's gone. 25 yd line is a win in his eyes.

    Maybe with less explosive players yea...he will, has and should do that.
  12. Username checks out

    Special teams looked solid. I was curious about the short kicks as well.

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