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Southlake QB Skips Senior Season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by watchfrog, Aug 2, 2021.

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  2. I think this will backfire. There are guys in the Ohio State program who have been with the program for multiple years, have had to put in the work, effort, and all of that and here comes some 17 year old who hasn't had to do any of that who is raking in the dough.

    How do you respect a teammate like that? Respect is earned.

    Locker room cohesion will be severely tested.
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  3. Yeah. There's going to be some seriously hard feelings in some of these teams. Plus, what type of pressure are the people paying these kids going to put on the coaches to not just start them, but run plays designed to make them look good?

    Going to be interesting to say the least.
  4. What happens when the “sponsor, employer, owner” whatever decides they made a big mistake with an athlete that is a bust, kicked out, arrested, quits? How about questionable “purchases”? Team responsible? Nightmare on the way.
  5. Most contracts of this type have a provision for cancellation if the athlete (in this case) is involved in activities the sponsor company deems inappropriate. Such involvement usually doesn't require "conviction in a court of law" to result in nullification of the contract. If the athlete simply turns out to be a bust...well, the sponsor writes it off just like any other less-than-successful advertising cost.
  6. He has graduated HS in three years?
  7. Really bad part is that this may be the pattern for the future. Especially good quarterback in his junior year at any high school in one of the football states will be encouraged to forego his Senior year in high school and come straight to Norman or Tuscaloosa or Austin or wherever, in order to be paid a promised amount of "endorsement" money his first year. How can this be controlled? According to present rules, it can't. Student is free to accept any amount of $$ as endorsements. Madness.
  8. I am just waiting to see some 17 yo go in at QB for the first time after getting a half mil "endorsement" deal, then some 2nd string senior linebacker plows through him in the first game (or practice) knocking him out for the year. There is still growing and conditioning to do at 17.
  9. simply replace him with another new model from next year
  10. Very low bar for a high school degree. Been that way for awhile now.
  11. The coach at Ohio State has already said as such. He's said he wishes there was a way to pool the money, because right now the RBs, WRs, and QBs are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars while the offensive line is getting peanuts.
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  12. Which just means the bagmen will be concentrating on the offensive line and the other under appreciated positions.
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    What happens if he gets beat out in camp and never sees the field? He’s projected to be a backup, at least for next year. I don’t get how a backup QB can make six figures. Will the starter be making more?
  14. He still got paid, so everything's ok. The sponsor just tosses his $2 ticket and picks another horse.
  15. Seems weird that someone can get endorsement deals without proving themselves at the college level
  16. no different than buying recruits
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  17. Wouldn't a QB giving thousands to his offensive line be a NCAA violation since NIL money can't come from the school representatives... Would make the division of money even harder. Though I doubt the NCAA would even enforce it.
  18. I like the idea of dissention in the ranks. The law of unintended consequences.
  19. If he doesn’t think he’ll be the starter by fall camp of the 2022 season there’s probably at least a 50/50 chance he’ll transfer. Most likely to another blue blood that happens to need a QB.
  20. If not already mentioned... The amount of the contract should be 1/2 to the "star" and the other 1/2 into a team pool for the rest of the players .... The more "stars" per team, the more the Big and Uglies get to waste $s on Mexican food and chicks.

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