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  1. We are hurting SMU's strength of schedule....And the season in general is in an SOS standing now....
  2. I've asked before...what did DelConte know and when did he know it? Things began to unravel publicly at the time he fled southward....
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    Del Conte was never staying here to begin with. Digging too deep on this one.
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  4. No way he was gonna stay here much longer.
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  5. There is literally a zero percent chance that CDC left because he had foreseen the demise of Gary’s program.
  6. They’re losing 30-9 at home to Tulsa right now.
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  7. Good. scheiss em.
  8. Is it bad that as I watch them I'm thinking to myself, "eh, their offense is so much better than ours, they've got a chance here."?
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    You’re just being honest with yourself.

    Edit..... circus catch by Proche and it’s 30-23 with plenty of time left.
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  10. Welp...
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  11. You know things are bad when you are wishing you had SMU’s offense
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  12. We have better players than them.
  13. They rallied and won thanks to having a veteran quarterback. SMU is a good team. TCU isn't right now.
  14. Not at quarterback and Proche is better than Reagor right now. The Ponies coaching staff is better right now also.
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  15. Hmmm, seems like there's a lot of truth to this

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