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Sooners Wire: Reaves apologizes, comments about celebration after game-winning shot against TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Sooners Wire: Reaves apologizes, comments about celebration after game-winning shot against TCU

    Brayden Conover

    With Oklahoma’s postseason fate on the line, Austin Reaves took the ball from Jamal Bieniemy and waited to make his move. Sizing up RJ Nembhard with six seconds left Reaves faked a drive to the lane off the right elbow, gathered, stepped back and released an 18-foot dagger into the hearts of the TCU faithful.

    With half a second left on the game clock, Reaves capped off an 18-point halftime deficit, giving the Sooners their 19th win of the season, the most important of the season so far.

    Read more at https://soonerswire.usatoday.com/20...ebration-after-game-winning-shot-against-tcu/
  2. Apologies are so dumb and meaningless. And especially ones that are “pretty much all me”. There are other ways to extract remorse from players who do stupid [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  3. He probably should have gotten a technical foul for that. Could we have hit the free throws to tie it?
  4. The guy singlehandedly kept his team in the game, singlehandedly led their comeback, and then hit the winning shot. I got no problem with his celebration even though I was pissed we lost. The guy kicked our ass in our house.
  5. Remember he left the game in the first half for a while getting medical attention for a cut over the eye. If not for that he might have had 50.
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  6. Wish he played for us.
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  7. I remember when you learned to play sports, you also learned sportsmanship.
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    Should’ve gotten a Tech, reminds me of Kenny Hill against Arkansas 2016
  9. RJ just can't play defense. He gets faked out ALL OF THE TIME.
  10. Kenny Hill was doing sign language. What this clown did was definitely a tech, but it's OU so of course the Big 12 refs don't call it.
  11. defend the shot there is no question whether or not he went over the top with his celebration
  12. Um... We were all trying to forget about that.
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  13. Oh give me a break. I went back and watched the footage expecting him to drop his pants and take a dump on the frog at mid-court. The guy didn’t do anything wrong.
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  14. think it is best we let people decide for themselves. i found a clip online

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  15. I mean come on, it was a little over the top. He went on and on for over a minute demonstratively talking ship to the crowd.

    I don’t think he should’ve gotten a tech or anything, but if it was my son, I’d be embarrassed and would chew his arse out for not being more respectful. There’s a line and I think he crossed it.

    He can do what he wants, he has that right, but I have the right to think he’s a shiphead while I’m watching him.
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  16. The ONLY way that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] would ever be ok is if someone did it to Baylor.
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  17. I don't remember a single player taking over a game like he did and I've been going to games since 1976.
  18. Did he do something wrong? Of course he did. And, he should have been T'd up. There's absolutely no doubt about that under the rules as currently constituted. If pointing a finger at an opponent is taunting, then it's hard to imagine how the throat slash gesture would be anything less. Now whether it "should" be wrong is another question. If you're going to be selective on when and where to enforce this stuff, might as well go ahead and agree not to assess any penalty or foul or whatever unless there's physical contact with an opposing player, any referee or official, or fan. Just do away with "unsportsmanlike conduct" in football and only flag "unnecessary roughness". That word "unsportsmanlike" is gender biased anyway.

    I'd prefer to let players handle these situations themselves. For example, Huggie Bear might call Lon and tell him that he understands that one of his players is having an issue with his throat and offer to let three or four of his players massage that throat with their elbows until the kid feels better. Unfortunately, I don't think the Frogs have any single player willing to handle these situations.
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  19. If he throat slashed in the first half, they T him up. Refs saw it and chose not to enforce the rule. That’s my issue. Don’t give a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] Big 12 came out with their public statement as that does about as much as us talking about it here.
  20. Trae Young a few years back at the Scholl. That’s one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in person.
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