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Sonny Dykes staff has a purple tint

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. He seems intent on getting former TCU coaches, GA's or players.

    Can't say that I blame him

    Jamal Powell, offensive line coach. Powell was the run game coordinator and offensive line coach at Lamar. Former TCU OL

    – David Gru, receivers coach. Has been with Sonny at La Tech, Cal and TCU.

    – Chris Brasfield, running backs coach. A Texas native, was on Mike Riley’s staffs at Oregon State (RBs) and Nebraska. Previously coached at Samford, Midwestern State, TCU and also as a high school coach in the DFW area.

    – Trey Haverty, safeties. Former TCU & Texas Tech assistant. Spent this past season as a quality control at Texas.

    – Anthony Crespino, asst AD for football operations. Crespino comes from Northwestern where he served as assistant director of operations. Has served as DFO, DPP or DPD at Texas State, Penn State and Western Michigan as well.
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  2. Purpura Simplex? Investigate for evidence of recent physical abuse. With SMU football, it's likely that significant physical abuse will occur and recur. p=.0000001 Consider discontinuation of aspirin and aspirin-containing products per risk benefit analysis. Advise patient that condition is generally not serious which is consistent with the superficiality of SMU football. Anticipate that patients may develop sildenafil-induced cyanopsia with increasing exposure to SMU football.
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  3. Yeah. What he said.
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  4. He hired the guy from Despicable Me?
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  5. It is somewhat disturbing that you know that and doubly disturbing to me that I immediately knew what you were talking about.
  6. I’ve got a 4th grade daughter. I’ve memorized the movie at this point.
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  7. Coach Brasfield stole your sandwich!
  8. Pics.
  9. What?
  10. Trying to do whatever TCU has done seems like the obvious script for SMU. Can't blame them for trying. Good luck to 'em. Maybe they'll get good enough to replace Baylor in the Big XII...
  11. Can't wait until after TCU blows out SMU on their turf next your for Gary to say... "Those are good people at SMU"
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  12. GP's master plan, bring Dykes in and train him up. Take his blue prints across town, if you can get his staff to go with, take em. Make SMU competitive to help TCU's strength of schedule.
  13. I’m not sure this bit is gonna be as funny as you think it is.
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    Is that the same as rectal displaysia?

    Damn auto correct
  15. Glad to see Jamal Powell moving up the ranks, even if it is SMU. Saw what he did at James Madison before moving on to Lamar. Was hoping he would get a look here as OL coach before GP hired CT. Hope he does well there except against us.
  16. you need to ask Earl about that...
  17. He is one of my favorite frogs. He worked with the cringe-inducingly named Froggie 5-0 and he was one of the most genuine kids I've ever met.
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  18. Wouldn't know. Daughter of Pharm only played piano for one year when she was 7 and I didn't attend.
  19. Is that the same as recital displaysia?
    Auto correct got me

    Should have read rectal displayia, and I am sure your daughter has nothing to do with that but shame on you for missing her recital.
  20. I felt and feel no shame for missing the recital. In fact, I consider it among one of my best decisions ever (validated by everyone who attended -- including my daughter).

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