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Someone send South Carolina a gift basket


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So, what did you end up sending to them? If you haven’t sent anything yet, I suggest you come up with a better idea than sending them a gift basket. Come on, a gift basket is a gift that always brings some joy. But, as I can see, you don’t wanna anything like that? Besides, why would you want to send them a sheep? A book full of jokes about them and a bunch of Redbull would be a perfect gift for them. Also, you may try adding some candies to have with the Redbull.
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Ron Swanson

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It actually would be a great/funny gesture for Sonny (or TCU Athletics) to send a Texas themed gift of some sort to Coach Beamer (and maybe Coach Whittingham while we’re at it). Bet it would get some positive press from ESPN.


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Those cocks really came on strong at the end of the season.
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