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Some interesting news from Chris Del Conte, aka 'The Traitor'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PhillyFrog, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. And that is a fact ...
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  2. He said several times that with few exceptions an AD’s shelve life is finite.
    The longer you’re at one institution the more opportunities to piss off a influential alum or two, have a bad hire, etc.
    He was great for us and has to this day when not in competition with us been an advocate for TCU.
  3. Oh jolly, oh joy. The same conference as SMU and UHou.
    Instead of the same conference as OU and UTx.
    And about $8m/yr in conference distributions, instead of about $35m (I may be off on the numbers, but at least I'm in the ballpark).

    I buy in COMPLETELY to the story that CDC smoozing DeLoss Dodds had an impact on Dodds' attitude about TCU in his conference. At the time, Dodds was on top of the mountain career-wise, and likely had a diet with a major constituent being bourbon. A sucker for a little or a whole lot of flattery from an up-and-comer. I have no inside information, but the story fits the personalities of the two men.

    Del Conte didn't walk into or away from TCU on water, but it may very well be that without his sales personality (as opposed to a more prickly personality, like whats-his-name's, CDC's immediate predecessor's), getting into the B12 could have been tougher if not a no-deal like it was/is for SMU and UHou.
  4. CDC was the perfect fit for UT. They tried some other guys, but none were adept at schmoozing the way that Del Conte is. As for Del Conte choosing the UT job, how could he not? That job is one of the premiere positions in the land when it comes to being an AD, and CDC is not exactly old.

    It will be interesting to see how he handles the upcoming pivotal football season and Mensa, should things be underwhelming. A 6-6 season will provoke a lot of braying...
  5. An 8-4 season with another loss to OU, particularly if followed by an underwhelming bowl performance win or lose, will get some influential fans (peanut gallery doesn't count) wanting a change.
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  6. Another loss to TCU should do it.
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