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So...are we going to talk about the Russian bounty thing?

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by PhillyFrog, Jun 30, 2020 at 3:08 PM.

  1. This is a photo of the Marine sergeant killed in the 2019 attack which has been part of the alleged story.

    Born and raised in York, Pa., which is about 20 minutes west down the road from where I'm sitting.

  2. Iran did the same thing during the Obama Era, and no one seemed to care.
    America did the same thing with the Mujaheddin against Russia, and no one seemed to care.

    And has this story even been confirmed yet?
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  3. No confirmation

    If they did, I’m good with starting WWIII, because.....2020

    Was the Ghost of Buddy Ryan involved?
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. The intel sounds pretty solid, yes.

    Bank transfers, humint, who knows what else.
  6. Russians have been using Islamic Terrorists against us for decades, we’ve been doing the same to them. It’s just the media trying to resurrect the Russian conspiracy against Trump.

    If anyone wants to go to War with Russia and China, count me in. Just send my old butt, not my sons.
  7. In response to the title of the thread:
    Once COVID cases decline, it will be really big. Hang in there
  8. They are our enemies. Why does this come as a shock? And why do they expect savages to act with civility?
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  9. Obviously the protection of U.S. troops on foreign soil is priority number one, but what are/were Trumps options as a result of this?

    Tell Putin to stop? Go to war with Russia on Russian soil? Take Putin out with a drone strike? More sanctions? Bring Putin up on war crimes, if that’s considered a war crime? It’s not like he shows up to turn himself in from an international warrant. Do nothing, because it’s war?

    Is there retribution to be had here? Or is it a hit piece right before an election?
  10. Insist on Russia being invited to the G7?
  11. You in Lancaster? Drove through that area in early March on the way to Gettysburg from the Poconos. Pretty country. Wondered if the locals ever did any “war of the roses” stuff with the York/Lancaster connection.
  12. You answered precisely how I figured you would.
  13. Yep, a suburb north of Lancaster called Lititz.

    That drive of yours would have been a lot prettier in late April or early May. I'd be surprised if you didn't notice the number of Mennonite/Amish farms around here, and it doesn't take a lot of driving to see their horse-and-buggies out on the roads. It's a university town (Franklin and Marshall, where my wife works), and it's about as Norman Rockwell as you'll ever see outside of backwoods New England.

    The war legacy you mention has devolved down to actual roses.

    Yorkers plant yellow.

    Lancastrians plant red.
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  14. This guy isn't happy about it.

  15. Told my wife they really missed an opportunity by not calling the bridge over the river the Plantagenet bridge. She didn’t think so.
  16. That's funny.

    I mentioned that Lancaster was a university town. We've been here maybe four years, and there's a bit of an hubistric dynamic between the two counties along the lines of the UT/Aggie one.

    Lancastrians would surely posit the bridge name had to be dumbed down in order to have it connect to York.
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  17. Former Republican chair of the House intelligence committee (oxymoron acknowledged):

  18. smh, start a thread about something that hasn't been verified and then call names. While posting tweets from some supposed disgruntled vet with a following of 4000.

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