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SMU game cancelled

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. I would like to know how many or which ones. Of course they won’t tell us that.
  2. Hah probably right I guess. If I'm an SMU fan, sure feels like a dodge
  3. Rumor is that it's dozens of players
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  4. So who broke protocol?

    Just know we hear about somebody being somewhere they shouldn't be.
  5. If that is the case, somebody definitely broke protocol.
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  6. New fun Friday news dump from TCU. A vender that processes donations has been hacked. They are saying no compromised information was lost, but the potential is there for donors to have their personal information that could been stolen.

    2020 hits keep coming
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  7. I say play and put a sticker on every TCU skill player’s helmet that says “Don’t touch me I have COVID.”
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  8. Wonder if that could be a big enough number for folks to hit the panic button and shut down the conference for the season.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised.
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  10. So much for any semblance of normalcy.

  11. I wonder what this means for the Iowa State game the week after.

    Just saw we have a week in between the Iowa State game. Keep these guys on lock down until then. Only practices and eating and sleeping allowed.
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  12. Way to set the example TCU. Watch everyone else play without issue. Soon we will find out some of the players were out partying or doing something they were not suppose to be doing. This should count as a loss. If you have 100 kids and can’t field a 53 man roster you have issues.
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  13. Lots of people have caught this virus despite doing everything the “experts” have said. Just because they tested positive doesn’t mean anyone did anything wrong
  14. But still some will jump to conclusions anyway. I get it. It just always seems like there is something.
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  15. Yeah, but this would have to involve a significant number of players. And if it is "dozens" as someone posted was rumored, that would raise some eyebrows.
  16. I would make sure everyone got it right now. That way we don't have to jack around with this anymore.
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  17. This. It has become comical. Since 2015, it is a reliable trend.
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  18. Would have worked better a few weeks ago.
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  19. Read the article on 247, he explains the big 12 protocols in regards to this situation. You basically have to play the game if you have 53 non covid players and at least one person backup for each field position. I believe TCU has 100 kids on the team or so. Do the math.

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