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Since Drudge has been compromised, some worthy alternatives to The Drudge Report.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by ThisIsOurTime, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. I've noticed for the last 6 months or so Drudge hasn't been holding back on his dislike of Trump.
  2. One thing that has really bugged me about the Trump Presidency is the way that that integrity is somehow measured by loyalty to the individual of President Trump, as opposed to loyalty to principles as it should be. There are very real reasons for a conservative to be concerned about Trump's activities, but instead anyone that expresses those concerns get smeared. Some, not all but certainly a vocal number, of Trump's fans refuse to recognize ANY validity in these concerns, even if coming from a conservative point of view, and instead opt to smear great Americans like McCain, Romney, Vindman, Taylor, Mattis, Volker, etc as traitors or disloyal because they disagree with the President or have concerns over his policy and / or behavior. It's quite frustrating.

    That said, I don't frequent Drudge all that often (I find their layout maddening), what is their dislike of Trump based on?
  3. Is it that they disagreed with the President, or the public spectacle they create in how they chose to voice their disagreement?

    Aside from AOC, you rarely see Democrats openly disagree with their leadership.

    Outside of primaries that is, when the public is encouraged to vote on the policy positions of the candidate, in order to set the priorities of the party.
  4. McCain and Romney never restricted their public voices to policy disagreements with Trump. Their disdain for Trump fundamentally and personally was always thick. In Trump they were met by someone whom is not going to sit and take it. Neither were used to counterpunches. Especially McCain. They were used to someone like say, Bush. GW for instance always talked about the lofty reverence of the office, but wouldn't stand up and defend the same against the likes of those you mention.
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  5. Those comprising the Socialist-Left tend to adhere to a common Party Line without any discernible wavering. Their

    destiny clearly defined by the edict of Vladimir Lenin, who proclaimed...."The Goal of Socialism is Communism".
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  6. Trumps Presidency is closer to Mussolini than Hitler.

    Listening to Jeff Sharra's novels on WWII.

    Il Duce would never take an action or issue an order that he knew would not be obeyed.
  7. Interesting.....looks like an avowed Marxist could lead the DemocRATic ticket in 2020. Would the Convention be

    compelled to replace that 'donkey' & 'Happy Days Are Here Again" with the symbolic Communist Hammer-Sickle

    & the 'Internationale' ? hummm.....
  8. I would be interested to see the numbers on Drudge. It's essentially become the mouthpiece of liberal talking points.
  9. I hear you. Sort of like if you opposed Obama actions or policies you were a racist.
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  10. Socialism ~ is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

    Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery......Winston Churchill
  11. This site has become my replacement for Drudge.

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