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Since divorce courts are stacked against men...

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by casualfrogfan, May 30, 2011.

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  2. When Our son was born we talked it all out first hand and decided that my wife wouldnt work outside the home until he was school age. Best decision we ever made. We didnt want a day care helping shape our child for 8-9 hours a day five days a week. Thats our job.

    No regrets either...........Money is only temporary anyway, and its replaceable too. Our Son is not.
  3. Gotta admit,..........I loved it too. Her job was that of a homemaker, a tough job for sure. My job was breadwinner.

    So it went kinda like this....................HEY....I dont ask you to come help me build any fireplaces,...dont be asking me to do any dishes! :biggrin:

    Nice setup.......

    Ever notice how all these liberal, in touch with their feminine side , bend over backwards guys are almost ALWAYS the ones to have their wives leave em for the guy down the street after they clean em out of every dime ? Its true! When are these schmucks ever gonna learn..:unsure:

    If a woman wanted to be with another woman....they would be a.........LESBIAN! LOL
  4. In no way am I against women working...BUT......Seems to me that for ALMOST 200 years we lived on a one income standard and things seemed to go reasonably well. Now we have two in the family working and in many ways we are far worse off. Are our children better off now? Nope...not even close. What about divorce rates? Thru the roof. Do we really have any more money? Nope, maybe even less.

    I think if a person were to really dig deep and find out who was providing the bankroll behind the womens movement you may be shocked.

    HINT HINT...........Why TAX one income in a household when you can tax two! :unsure:

    We are no better off as a society, in fact we are worse off.

    But dont let little things like actual facts get in the way.
  5. Actually, after decades of trending upward divorce rates have gone down in the last few years. But, dont make the mistake of taking that as a GOOD THING, its not. Most experts are in agreement that couples who in more normal economic times would have gotten a divorce are now staying together only out of fear of sinking into poverty if they split. In otherwords.........I CANT STAND YOU....But I NEED your MONEY! :laugh: Not really the best of foundations to build a marriage on IMO.
  6. I got a kick out of looking at the divorce rate charts. Biggest spike in history was 1946. Not too hard to figure out. War ended in 45, the guy gets discharged and comes home. People are hesitant to say anything at first, takes a couple months or so for word to get out. Ends with the husband screaming.........." You did WHAT with WHO while I was away fighting the war?!!!".........:laugh:

    Least the husband was kinda protected from his extra marital misdeeds. What happens in France,.......stays in France!...:wink:
  7. Yep, you're right. Don't forget how the cost of housing exploded too when the loans were based on two incomes instead of one.
  8. It's one thing to compare career women to crack addicts and characterize us as ill tempered greedy sluts, but I draw the line at overweight. I'm pretty sure we career women win this category. We are already neglecting our kids, so what's a few more hours in the gym? We need to keep our asses looking great in our business suits so we can boink lots of hot guys and then dupe our unsuspecting husbands into raising the basterd kids they think are their own.
  9. You serious, Clark?

  10. that sound everybody is hearing is millions of hearts breaking.....
  11. Bingo.....Its actually quite tragic if you think about it. In a great many cases people have less discretionary income nowadays with BOTH partners working then a family did many years ago with only the husband working. If it werent so absolutely sickening it would be kinda almost funny. What......did people ACTUALLY THINK they were going to get to keep that money from the 2nd income????? LOL...Not even close. Like I say,......we Americans are such rubes at times. Not only arent we in the game....We dont even know how to play it! :laugh: Played for fools and dont even know it. The object in life is to work LESS........for MORE. We Americans are working MORE........FOR LESS. Only getting worse too. Meanwhile the family unit continues to be utterly destroyed,

    At this rate the not too distant future will be looking like THIS....:wink:

  12. As more and more men have become aware that women file for most divorces and that family courts are now little more than thieves' dens designed to funnel financial resources from men to women by any means or legal-sounding excuse necessary, they have understandably become considerably more marriage-averse.

    Read more: Marital roulette http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=304781#ixzz1NxmqUAjh

    Surely the OP or the esteemed author of this piece can back up such a chickensh*t attack on the judiciary with oh, I don't know, hard evidence of thieves' dens?

  13. Everyone has an opinion on lawyers and the courts. Wether or not they know what they are talking about is another story.

    I did not read the article, nor do I practice family law, but I think most family attorneys will tell you that you can agree how to split the assets peacefully, or you can fight like cats and dogs and both of your attorneys will get paid, and neither spouse will haver much left over.
  14. I would chime in, but I'm too busy being a money-grubbing Briles...
  15. I am thinking you look great in a business suit, you money-grubbing Briles. :laugh:
  16. Did the same. Worked great. The progressive woman's movement frankly has done more harm to women than good in my view.

  17. I thought you were busy being a flaming heterosexual.....wait, I see what you did. Multitasking...hmmmm. I like it.

  18. Endzone? back something up?

  19. But you're our money-grubbing Briles.....
  20. So you won't be voting for either Palin or Bachmann, right?

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