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  1. You clearly have your head in the sand if you think a traffic stop leading to something relatively minor is an indicator of a larger trend.

    Let it go. It’s a nonviolent crime.

    I have more stories about players on the 2012 team that you can count on your fingers, toes, and appendages.
  2. Shape-shifting the discussion into talk of a, "trend?" Who besides you brought that up? I'm worried about the, "relatively minor," FELONY possibly keeping him off the field. The longer this goes without resolution, the more likely that seems to become.
  3. Can you go ahead and cite the 5 or so articles or references where it shows Turpin had gotten in previous troubles because not all of us are uber-insiders like you? And you make it sound like everyone should have known.

    I actually agree with how the coaching staff handled Turpin's situation, but I wasn't aware of his 5 previous chances you speak of. I'd like to see the public references to his 6 chances please.
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  4. They’re not public. Ask any student who was on campus during that time.

    Not an Uber-insider by any means. Loudest keyboard warriors here must not talk with those who have current students or stay around Fort Worth
  5. If the testing issue were a major prosecution roadblock, they could've already made a charging decision. Walker almost certainly uses the DPS lab to do their testing, which historically stays more constipated than me after a deep-dish pizza...
    So, if they have decided or will decide to send evidence there, I'm worried that could mean months' worth of delay. I'm not confident that a statewide flood of dismissals on MJ cases is coming because of testing difficulties. Seems more likely that cases will just hit the back burner until the testing issue is addressed. Think I'll reach out to some guys in Austin to see what the temperature is statewide.
    If Gary wants Sewo to play this season, he may not have the luxury of, "Wait til the justice system plays out."
    That's my major worry with how they are dealing with this.
  6. I’ll take the odds from those with actual legal practice versus someone who would rather attack our student athletes until due process.

    Maybe you’re 16, but I don’t think there’s much precedent to give a felony to someone with the opportunity that Sewo has at TCU. Courts will consider that and his past record, which sounds spotless.

    Really hard to imagine a first-time offender getting hit with a felony given what we know of the event.
  7. Ok. Thanks.
  8. So they didn’t happen? I guess fields only got 2 or 3 “public” strikes, right?
  9. Thanks again for,your insight! Let me go ahead and starting asking all the students I know on campus. :cool::cool::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  10. I can't get to 6 but a recent grad-fb player relayed about 3 or so incidents generally about the same issue over his years
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  11. I didn’t say don’t worry. I also didn’t insinuate that he would be on the roster or would play. I have no idea what is going to happen to Sewo and his case.

    But lumping accusations of domestic violence and pot together as similar offenses that should warrant similar punishments seems odd to me.
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    The DA and defense team may have worked out a memo agreement wherein Sewo may be required to complete certain tasks on the front end for a dismissal, such as providing clean UAs for a certain period of time, taking a DOEP class, and doing community service. But the new law changed the game. The state must still prove that whatever he was allegedly caught with was not hemp. That means proving the thc level and not just its presence, and therein lies the problem. The change in the law likely helped his cause. Make him jump through hoops right up until the season starts, and then turn him over to GP clean with only the citation for possession of paraphernalia. But hey, what do I know.
  13. Arrest was before june 10 law change. Dismissal for ambiguity related to new state hemp law seems unlikely.
  14. Trust me, the new law effects pending cases.
  15. I checked in with TDCAA, it appears there is as much confusion state-wide among prosecutors as here. As I suspected, one avenue that some are considering is a mass dump of evidence at DPS's labs in Austin to choke the system until someone frees up money to expand capacity. Haven't read the new statute but apparently the "Hemp" out is an affirmative defense, so even if it is able to be retroactively applied to cases prior to Jun10th, is something that would have to be triggered by the defense's urging.
    I sure hope they are working on something behind the scenes. That would make some sense as to why we haven't heard any movement on the case.

  16. the war on drugs (war on people, actually) gets more gloriously successful each day.
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  17. Nobody was aware of his previous issues. You are spot on with your view of how staff handled it. They make use of a service to search records. And there is still a big question as to when a previous issue was actually made of record. If folks don't think a city somewhere else with not relation to the school will not do something to save its image and political neck, then those folks have not dealt with government entitities very much.
  18. I'll admit, I have not really followed this story since it first came out. Has there ever been a document listed that showed what he had on his person or property that caused the arrest?
  19. Badly misconstruing my statement. In fact, I specifically CONTRASTED Sewo's situation with Turpin's, to suggest hope the outcome will be different. From my post,

    QUOTE: "I'm thinking back now on Turp, and they sure didn't wait for the DA with him- They cut his ass post-haste. Suggests to me they must feel like Sewo survives this. I sure hope so, and not just selfishly because I love watching him truck suckers on the field. I hope so because other than this one incident, he's been a likable kid who has grown a bunch in his time on campus."

    Anyone who reads that, and interprets it as me saying "Sewo is an ongoing problem," or, "Drug possession = Domestic Assault," needs some major help with their reading comprehension. Holy crap.
  20. I've practiced criminal law longer than you've probably pee'd standing up, if you do.

    Take my OP on the subject to a prof, or really anyone who reads for comprehension, and they'll clue you in to the fact that my post was actually SUPPORTIVE of Sewo, not, "attacking."

    But just so we're clear, do you DISAGREE with my characterization of getting popped with FELONY weight narcotics as, "dumb"? If so, please let me know how it was, "smart," of him to let that happen.

    Lastly, the limits of your imagination are of no interest to prosecutors in East Texas, or really, anywhere. I HOPE he DOESN"T get indicted for a felony, but given the FACT he has already been arrested for a FELONY, that possibility might ought to be something you allow to creep into your imagination.
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