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Sewo...can’t wait

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by fuelfrog, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Great to see his potential maturing. Explosive and tough! Thanks for posting.
  2. "Thirteen yards of carnage."

    Still love that line.
  3. The 1 - 2 with a healthy DA has off the charts potential
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  4. And...We can’t wait for Sewo!!! He will be an All American before he leaves TCU. Our game time chant should be “SEEEEWOOOO”. If hears the entire Carter chanting that when he touches the ball, he will turn it on even more. Let’s get behind this!
    Spit Blood~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!
  5. Do we need to get that guy in the chaps to start this cheer with his microphone like the Go Frogs chant? Good Lord I hope not.
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  6. He'd probably prefer it if we pronounced his name correctly. Shaywoo I believe
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  7. Sewo and Darius are our new Thunder and Lightning combo. Love that combo.

    I was thinking SE-

    It's already kinda becoming TCU's thing.
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    Good Lord, No we don’t! And that’s not what I said. We, the crowd, the fans in the stands need to start the chant when he has the ball. We don’t need the MFer with the mic for anything. It is up to us...you, me and all of Frogdom in the stands to help motivate these guys on the field. Us, without chaps guy screaming in a mic! And, Casey8Ball, you are right...”SHAAAAWOOO!”
    BEAT tosu!
    Spit Blood~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!
  9. Starting to think the carries split will be closer to 50/50. Help to keep DA healthy and really provide thunder/lightning
  10. I wouldn't want to tackle that, running full speed right at me. Bet many a Big12 defender feels the same way.
  11. I like this thread idea! Can tell it's getting closer to kick off! Probably should start a few of these highlighting the elite guys. DA definitely deserves his own for starters.

    I'm on record with some buddies saying Sewo will win a Heisman before it's over. Not sure that'll happen, but how sweet would that be!
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  12. This is why putting them on the field at the same time is shortsighted. We need a home run hitter on the field at all times..
  13. If Sewo even gets one 3rd-place vote from one Heisman voter we'll all be very very happy. Let's maybe start with an All-Conference team nod before talking Heisman.
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  14. Plus we have that DA dude
  15. Sewo is a beast. The Jet is a beast. He’s going to have HUGE season
  16. I'm glad that Sewo's carries were limited last year. So many times you see a Freshman who tears it up his first year, then fights the injury bug the rest of his career. An older body will be a big help to Sewo, especially with his physical style; he will be 20-21 this year...big difference. It is folly to take him head-on, as the DB from Stanford learned in the Alamo Bowl. He just needs to learn how to keep his feet when tackled down low.
  17. What surprised me most about him was watching how sure-handed and fluid he was outside of the backfield. Too big to be a receiver, but darned near can act like one.
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