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Sewo arrested, controlled substance

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SnoSki, May 15, 2019.

  1. Start studying now.
  2. I mean, start studying now, sir!
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  3. It’s cool...The Cheetos will remember
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  4. Did you call for a grilled spicy cheetos with cheese sandwiche?
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  5. This thread is the most entertaining [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] I have read in a long time.
  6. The problem is that most jurors, voters, citizens, only deal with good officers or those on their best behaviour.

    Girlfriend's knee jerk to crime is "take him/her out back and shoot him.

    Presumption of innocence is mere lip service.

    Watch Making a Murder if you really want to see our criminal justice system at its worst.
  7. What you are is a financilly rich man, or should be! I hope you lawyered up, got names dated times, police records etc... There should be extra change in your pocket by now.
  8. Lamont: I done got pulled over for doing nothing wrong, so I consented to the search.

    Fred: Lamont, you big dummy.
  9. Your avatar checks out.
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  10. I need that art on a t-shirt
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  11. Financilly lace and a pretty face, a pony tail hanging down, a wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk makes the world go round.
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  12. Not PC....Lamont would not have said "I done got...."
  13. MSNBC et al
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  14. I had a dream we beat Tech in baseball last night.
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  15. Fun song to karaoke^^^
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  16. According to my parents, I sang that and Rhinestone Cowboy pretty much nonstop as a toddler. Must’ve been a hoot for them.
  17. What is wax? The wax people are mentioning.
  18. Better than Baby Shark...
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  19. https://www.wikileaf.com/thestash/what-is-cannabis-wax/

    Not for rookies is what I've heard. It kind of scares me honestly and I'm pro legalization. Not scary in a "oh society will fall" way but rather a "that sounds a little too intense for me" way.
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  20. The amateur legal advice in here is just top notch.

    Every time this happens, I will repost this video. It's the only one you need to watch to effectively understand the relationship between an LEO and the citizenry, and why you DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE, NOR CONSENT TO ANY SEARCH.

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