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Serious Question re the ‘Rona

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by steelfrog, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Steel read an article recently that was saying that it will cost about $600bn to create enough vaccines for everyone in the world.

    wouldn't it be worth it to the US economy to do this? Kill off the Rona worldwide do it doesn’t come back in 6 months?

    plus possibly generate some goodwill for once overseas.

    crazy idea?
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  2. Doesn't fit the agenda.
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  3. Did you miss the part about boosters every six months?
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  4. Yes!

    That is how the world eliminated Polio and other diseases through the WHO (World Health Organization).

    When Trump withdrew from the WHO, it just made no sense. Yes the WHO's biggest supporter is the USA, but our economy also benefits the most.

    One of the first things Biden did was recommit and withdraw Trump's resignation from the WHO. It would have been effective in June or July, 2021.

    The WHO is a "non-political" entity and can get access to restrictive nations to deliver medicine, stop outbreaks of viruses, research the causes of disease, etc. See the Ebola Virus outbreak.

    Its investigation of the source of the Covid 19 virus is controversial because it just accepted the Chinese government's spoon fed report.

    As bad as that was and is, the only organisation that could have even gotten close to the source was the WHO.

    I don't think we're done with China and outbreaks like Covid19, but maybe a strong WHO can clamp down quicker when the next outbreak comes.
  5. Comedy gold! Good job!
  6. I'm not saying the decision was right to pull outta the WHO, but they along with the CDC darned up this pandemic bigtime...yet Trump gets all the blame but none of the credit for helping develop vaccines in record time.

    Trump creating a climate and a pathway for the vaccines to get to the American public in a promised timeline the liberal media laughed at (agenda) is the biggest story of this pandemic.
  7. I don't disagree. Trumps operation warp speed worked.

    Pharm frog needs to put down the Trump 2020 flag.
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  8. huh, polio eliminated in the world through the who?

    you must have missed this story then:

    "Vaccine-derived polio is caused by remnants of earlier versions of the live virus used in the oral polio vaccine. The vaccine can be shed through feces. In places with poor sanitation, the vaccine can be spread through wastewater. Over time, the virus from the oral vaccine can replicate, regain strength and become just as virulent as the original virus against which it's supposed to protect.

    And worst of all most kids born after 2016 have no immunity to the most prominent vaccine-derived polio strain because that strain was thought to be on the verge of elimination and is no longer included in the primary oral vaccine they would have received.

    What's more, millions of children have not received vaccines because of conflict and lack of access in Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan plus pandemic lockdowns."

    "In March, WHO ordered a pause to all polio eradication campaigns to make sure vaccinators going door to door weren't unwittingly contributing to the spread of COVID-19. That order was lifted over the summer, but "as a result, 30 to 40 countries have not conducted mass immunization campaigns," Zaffran says. "During that period, up to 80 million children have been left unprotected against polio."

    The fear is that with so many children now susceptible to polio, outbreaks could erupt, particularly in areas with poor sanitation where the virus can thrive. "

  9. You do realize that when you put obvious BS like this out you completely devalue everything else in your post don't you?
  10. We spend 600bn overseas all the time. What goodwill has that gotten us? Besides, we don’t even like ourselves. I hear America being trashed daily by Americans.
  11. That's the point--if we kill it worldwide, it's gone; no boosters; we need the boosters only if we kill it in US and it thrives elsewhere.
  12. why do you think it would be possible to kill it worldwide?

    because that is what happened with small pox?

    you might find this article to be of interest and there are a couple of key points.

    first, small pox did/ does only infect humans so you don't have the virus being transmitted by multiple species therefore making it easier to tract and contain. second, small pox was/ is spread by direct contact of droplets when the victim is infectious and that state is noted by the presence of fever.

    the covid virus can be carried in multiple species, is transmitted in aerosol form, and there is no definitive correlation between fever or other visible symptoms and an individual being infectious
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  14. I will take the $600B. Problem solved. Everyone go home.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. I have absolutely no faith in the WHO and I am truly sad to say that. They did not act in a non-biased fashion as I was hoping they would. They bowed to China and it cost lives in my opinion.
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  17. Not quite. There is no solid evidence that asymptomatic carriers are transmitting the virus to any significant extent. Almost all of the spread is due to symptomatic carriers.
  18. true, what symptoms are obvious to covid as compared to say small pox which was distinguishable by the rash and fever

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