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SEC Country: Arkansas to the Big 12? Bob Stoops thinks it would be good for Razorbacks

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. SEC Country: Arkansas to the Big 12? Bob Stoops thinks it would be good for Razorbacks

    Brian Stultz

    The University of Arkansas has been a member of the SEC since joining in 1992, coming over from the now-defunct Southwest Conference.

    If it were up to former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, the Razorbacks would be making yet another move.

    “I just feel personally that they would be excellent in the Big 12,” Stoops told Sport & Story. “Geographically, where they’re located—can you imagine the series with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State every year? Also, Texas, TCU, all the teams there in the (Texas) area.”

    Read more at https://www.seccountry.com/arkansas/arkansas-big-12-bob-stoops-good-for-razorbacks
  2. Make it so.
    Add Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State, Missouri and Texas A&M.
    Sign a 250 year GOR.
    Just scheissing do it.
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  3. No a$m, thank you. If the aggie corps never steps on the TCU campus again it will be too soon for me.
  4. Nebraska should come back. They have faded into virtual obscurity since leaving.
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    Arkansas and Mizzou returning would make sense and be better for both, but pride won't permit it. SEC narrative is out of control. Bama's little dwarves all have Stockholm syndrome.
  6. No Aggies. They are far too good for the Big 12.

    Just ask them.
  7. scheiss A&M. Zero interest in that.
  8. There's no way that Arkansas and Missouri wouldn't be much better off in the Big 12. Arkansas has had about 30 years of mediocrity in the SEC and like Stoops said, great rivalries with the Oklahoma schools are just sitting there waiting for them (not to mention the old SWC schools). Missouri is a complete afterthought in the SEC. Their prospects for ever having competitive teams is probably at an all-time low.
  9. Would be happy with Missouri and Arkansas. Would prefer Missouri and Nebraska. Would much much prefer Colorado and Nebraska
  10. Mizzou shot themselces in the PC butt. Who wants to deal with the nonsense?
  11. Arkansas and Nebraska would be fantastic. And I think it'd be better for everyone.

    I doubt Arkansas would leave the SEC though.

    Getting Nebraska and Colorado would be great too.

    Not as high on Missouri.
  12. Nebraska and Arkansas make perfect sense, Missouri not so much. Now if we could figure out a way to trade WVU for LSU...
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  13. Give me Arkansas and Missouri or Nebraska. I think Arkansas and West Virginia could develop into a pretty good rivalry. The crowd at those games would sure be interesting.
  14. Battle of the toothless!
  15. I don't know, Mizzou has achieved the high honor of being the designated ankle-grabber in the annual Bama remains SEC Champion annointing festival.
  16. Oh wow, I could see the signs now. "I've been with my sister AND yours!"
  17. Yeah, I'd take Arkansas and Nebraska in a minute.
  18. Arkansas & Nebraska would be great, but again selfishly I don't want Nebraska recruiting Texas again!
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  19. They will never leave the SEC - it's easy to spell and they can brag about how they get their ass kicked by the best every year...just like Aggy does.
  20. Would love to see Arky, Nebraska, CO, and Mizzou all go B12 and bring back the North/South divisions.
    North: KU, KSU, ISU, WVU, CO, Mizzou, Nebraska

    South: TCU, TT, UT, BU, OSU, OU, Arky

    Play your 6 division opponents, plus 2 from the other division each year. Would be awesome.

    Edit: Then pitch it to Amazon and Google to create a streaming-only B12 channel via Prime or YouTubeTV. Tell ESPN and the Horn network to pound sand!

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