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Season Ticket Holder Survey

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. TCU sent out their Season Ticket Holder Survey asking for feedback, but then only allowed "50 character" responses. 50 characters barely allows for a short sentence.

    Outside of Kansas and possibly Baylor, we have the worse game day atmosphere in the Big 12. TCU could use all of the feedback season ticket holders are willing to give.

    Guess their main focus is still trying to sell club seats for the east side that's almost a year behind schedule.
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  2. EAD is only 3 characters.
  3. You can do whatever you want with game day atmosphere, but 90% of it is winning
  4. Other 10% is the west side lower bowl. ;)
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  5. I had no issues with the character limitation.

    But I’m there for football not pyrotechnics and noise. They fixed everything I suggested last year except the go frogs guy. That dude has to be embarrassed.
  6. I told them 1.) More fly-bys, and 2.) Less rap.

    I'm sure my sage advice will be disregarded...
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  7. I suggested they start winning games
  8. I voted for all night games.
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  9. I didn't respond. Never have. I don't go to football games (or any other sport) for anything other than the game. The atmosphere will improve when we win. It's that way for every team in every sport at every level.
  10. My answer to the question what is the most important (or favorite?) part of gameday atmosphere was - the games.
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  11. Dit to the toe
  12. I said to keep the cheerleaders and show girls but create a new dance troup with girls just a bit thicc.
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  13. The Rubenesque Revue? The Multikilo Kickers? Walloping Waves of Wonder?

    I'll show myself out...
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  14. The idea that you are supposed to create “atmosphere” is the problem, imo.
  15. This survey is more of a customer service survey than anything.
  16. Chuckled.
  17. Noticed the character count as well. Why limit responses if you’re asking for them, and people are actually willing to engage.
  18. No problem here.
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  19. Ok Maniac. You now have more than 50 characters.

    What are your suggestions to improve the game day atmosphere?

    No character limitations. But keep it to 5 suggestions. 5 suggestions to improve the game day experience. Starting with...

    1. ????
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