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Season Baseball Tickets - Upper Deck under overhang

Discussion in 'Ticket Exchange Forum' started by easternfrog, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Have 2 seasons baseball tickets and won't be back for the season - they are section 203 (behind home plate towards first base line), row F seats 1 and 2. Asking to cover face-value of seats for season and you'll have first opportunity to reserve Regional/Super Regional seats if you'd like them.

    PM if interested
  2. PM sent
  3. Hey. Back off baller. I sent a PM first. :)
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  4. But did you use code TCU15? If not your PM doesn’t count.
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  5. Dang. No.
  6. Soooo, baller has PMS now?
  7. Thank you all - apologies, tickets have been confirmed and are no longer available! I can say with certainty TCU15 code did not work, as tickets are not going to any aggies
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  8. That you know of. Everyone but me that wanted them is either an Aggie or hates baseball. I have proof that I’m not at liberty to share.
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  9. Yo momma is an aggie!
  10. Upper under over... hurts my brain
  11. Hey All,

    Hopefully this is viewed but I have my two season baseball seats renewed - same location (section 203 (behind home plate towards first base line), row F seats 1 and 2) - the seats are awesome and provide great views while covered by the overhang/shade - had these since 2010 and they are hard to beat!

    The previous buyer doesn't need them this year but I'd like to get the pair to TCU fans to enjoy for the season! Asking for face-value for the seasons and cost of shipping, just want fans in purple enjoying the action. Buyer also has first rights to use for Regionals and Supers.

    Please PM me if interested - thanks!

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