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  1. The reputation continues... still THUGS!!!
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  2. I don’t recall that reputation.
  3. What happened?
  4. You sound "butthurt" after all these years. What's the issue?

    Sure seems to me there were worse fan bases than SDSU during in our time in the MWC. See byu and bsu just to name a couple. But sdsu?
  5. Who is this BYU you speak of?
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  6. Some minor independent. Used to belong to a real conference, I hear.
  7. That program with the sweet HDTV mobile studio that can occasionally be seen on Cable Access 25.
  8. I agree.
    Example: That SDSU player with the black crap all over his face got 2 unsportsmanlike calls at once and was ejected. Unfortunately the camera stayed on his ugly self all the way off the field. Shouldn't have shown him at all.
    Not that I feel strongly about this or anything.
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    What fan base? They brought more band then fans today. Refs were calling it very tight on any type of late hits or trash talking. That said I've never seen anyone get 2 personal fouls and an ejection on the same play. That said an Army assistant coach got tagged for throwing his clipboard on the field on the same play. Not sure why anyone would want to late hit or talk smack to a service academy player.

    I disliked SDSU because I felt that there general underachieving held the conference back but never really thought of them as a dirty program.
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  10. I would agree, other than I’ve always heard Air Force was known to take cheap shots and go for your knees.

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