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Screw Saban


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Well we weren’t favored in MANY of our games this year but managed to go 12-0. How is that possible?? Nick Saban is all out of moves and looks like an old fool. Give it a test and accept you just didn’t play well enough to win the SEC. It happens.


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He did what he had to do and I'm sure he didn't enjoy having to do that interview. That being said I felt like he took a jab at Ohio State more than anything else.

4 Oaks Frog

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It REALLY PISSES ME OFF that they gave him time to campaign in the first place. That smug [ mother farger ] thinks he is so scheissing important that he can come on during his conference’s championship game and talk his way into the CFP.
Go sell some scheissing insurance, [ Finebaum ] head!..


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What else is he suppose to say—I was not expecting him to stump for TCU.

TCU is in. The Frogs passed the eye test today while playing their 11th consecutive Saturday. Now they can rest up to take their shot at upending Big Blue and getting in the national championship game.
Nobody made him go on TV and politic for a playoff spot. He could have chosen no to do that.

Frog DJ

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Yup! I can’t believe I “liked” Wexahu and Frognosticator in the same thread, but they’re both right.

OSU jumping over the Frogs in 2014 was a case of data points. Those data points favor TCU this year.

The only reason Saban was pleading his case on TV is because it’s a foregone conclusion the Frogs are in.

I’m as skeptical of the committee as the rest of you, but this is not going to go Saban’s way. Bama ain’t in.

Go Frogs!


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Didn't see or hear whatever is being referred to here but the whole "who would be favored" logic is just the laziest scheissing argument in football. Anyone who uses that is basically saying "I can't provide anything that resembles an actual football argument here so I'm just going to give you a projected point spread that someone else came up with instead of providing any real analysis."

I don't know why people care about point spreads unless you bet. It's worth nothing to me.


Saban is utterly consumed with his own sense of entitlement.

He’s consumed by his paycheck.

I’m sure he gets a huge bonus for going to the tournament.

He’s just making his pitch. Nothing wrong with that.

I don’t think Saban’s very good with money, that’s why he’s desperate.

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