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sausage help

Discussion in 'Tailgating/BBQ' started by waltercervantes, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. I've got a freezer full of sausage given to me by my daughter from a hog they had processed last year. To be honest the sausage is pretty bland. Any suggestions on what I can add to it to give it a better flavor. I am NOT a big fan of sage. Would I need to thaw it out and mix in new spices or do you think I could just sprinkle something on it. I don't want to ruin it but if I do the dog and chickens will eat it. I need the room for briskets, butts and ribs.
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  2. On that new bbq post like a duck on a june bug.

    Once you thaw it, it’s best not to refreeze. It needs to stay below 40°, which will make it basically impossible to incorporate new spices in a home kitchen. I’d recommend buying a spice mix in a resealable bag and adding some each time you thaw and cook a portion of the sausage. I use Sucklebusters products (they’re local...warehouse district north of the airport in Coppell I think).
  3. Make chili out of it.
  4. Mix some garlic in it and use it on your trot-line.
  5. Good suggestion. There's a beaucoup of pork chili recipies out there...Mr Google is a reasonably good place to start looking. Just remember to adjust whatever recipe you use for things like salt and other occasional spices. Pork and green chiles play especially nice together.
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  6. Although not an efficient use of food, you could make the sequel to this fine piece of cinema:


    Edit: turns out there already was a sequel made


    But you could complete the trilogy.
  7. Not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed that this was about actual sausage.
  8. This thread is a real sausage fest
  9. It's been awhile since I sausage an interesting link as this one...
  10. [​IMG]
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    inject the sausage with Garlic Oil... If you can't find it, you can slow fry/saute the garlic, after making thin slices of the garlic... When crispy but before too dark, put the chips on a double layer of paper towels... for a damn good snack all by itself.for later. Best oil for this is Coconut or Olive, but any will work of course.

    Don't be too chency with your garlic either... And off course you can put some of your favorite mop sauce on the link's surface, near the end of the cook... and I certainly hope you're smoking them instead of grilling them... HUGE difference. If you need help with that, Google up ... BBQ 101/Track Food.

    Another suggestion... You will also get from the video an indication how you might use/take the sausage out and make your own loaf(which you can season up as you like) in a small loaf pan. So you can go either way with it and mop the loaf near the end too. .
  12. FIFY
  13. Viagra helps.
  14. Donate it to a food bank.
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  15. Garlic, paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin and fennel
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