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  1. Saw that. Was more shocked that he's only 21 years old.
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  2. I hope ou wins by half a hundred but I’ll go with a quarter of a hundred......
  3. Does he have long dreadlocks?

  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Hurts is just a stud.
  6. Of-freaking-course.
  7. Just want to say congrats to TCU for being irrelevant while Baylor is a top 25 team discussed on Gameday. Really fun
  8. Moderately sized meteor
  9. Lincoln Riley is an offensive mind going up against a guy who’s made a career being a defensive guy. He will absolutely run it up given the opportunity. And make no mistake, there will be plenty of opportunity.
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  10. Texas best player so far!
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  11. OU defense looking for real. Now if Hurts can get out of his own way.
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  12. Yardage is OU 260 to 45. Texas only in this game thanks to Hurts. Runs the ball up and down the field then turns it over.
  13. There’s a Saturday games thread btw
  14. I don't see it.
  15. toe in the pool
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