San Antonio Express-News: Texas vying for Big 12 title as it hosts TCU

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  1. Texas vying for Big 12 title as it hosts TCU

    By Nick Moyle

    AUSTIN — David Pierce has spent the last three months dissecting every swing, every pitch, and, well, everything else worth studying.

    Even in the wake of blowout victories, Texas’ second-year coach would spotlight something amiss, from discussing how his pitchers need to keep the ball down in the zone after a 12-1 win over Northwestern to bemoaning the loss of “a couple at-bats” in a 14-4 romp over Kansas.

    It’s hard to say the tough love was delivered in vain. The 17th-ranked Longhorns (34-18, 14-7 Big 12) are closing in on two major goals: a regular-season conference title and an NCAA regional hosting bid. With the finish line in sight, Pierce decided to dial back the scrutiny in favor of a more relaxed, convivial approach.


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