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RUMOR: Cumbie and UT

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Flying T, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Sounds like nothing to me. Just wishful thinking.
  2. There was a rumor I wanted Elle McPherson back in college too
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  3. Heard this yesterday, they got more problems than needing a better OC. All kinds of candidates are being talked about, even fired NFL OCs
  4. Gary Reasons speculated about this on Fox SW several weeks ago. So if it is true, it has been marinating for a while now. Best of luck to Coach Cumbie whatever he decides to do. He will be a great head coach some day.
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  5. Would make perfect sense. He's really good and UT needs help badly. Who knows if it's true or if he would be interested.
  6. Yep and UT said Briles was going to be their next head coach too after Saban decided not to be the next UT head coach. Arrogance.
  7. I'd go after him, too

    Hopefully we can hang on to both of those guys for a couple more years.

    Interested to see how that plays out
  8. [​IMG]
    I love rumors!
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  9. They would be smart to go after him. I certainly wouldn't blame him for taking a higher paying job. But I wonder why he wouldn't be offered a head coaching job somewhere after this season. There are so many head coaching job openings this year that I can't imagine a coordinator of his skill not being offered one. And if he isn't offered a head coaching job, why take the risk of failure at UT given the short leash that coaching regime is under and their lack of offensive talent.
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  10. Not sure he's ready for a HC job. Meach is though.
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  11. He's pretty young. I think most people assume Meacham, being the elder statesman of the OC's, is in line to get HC offers before Cumbie.

    I think it's a possibility to keep both of them for a couple more years, but I wouldn't bet on it either. They both seem to have found a home in FW and love it here, so we'll see.
  12. Both UT and aggy think they can buy anyone from anyone else. Kind of funny.
  13. The idea of this doesn't bother me at all but not a good move or a good time to go to Texas for Sonny. Why go to be OC for a head coach that could get pink slipped at any moment? And with all due respect to Sonny, he won't follow Strong as HC there. In coaching job security has to count for something. What does one season at a higher salary do for you?
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  14. The Memphis job is going to be open. Would be interesting for it to be filled by another TCU off coordinator
  15. Coaches almost always move on eventually, it's the nature of the game, but don't underestimate the allure of TCU....... Great AD, very stable HC situation, great campus and town, great facilities, they're paid well, and we win. Whoever joins up with Strong is one more 5-7 or 6-6 type season from being out of a job when he gets canned. Job security is huge for these guys, especially ones with young families like Cumbie.

    Edit - I left off another big factor..... Pressure. Not sure there's a Top 25 program with less than TCU or more than UT.
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  16. Well, idk if it will be this offseason or UT, but Cumbie will obviously leave at some point relatively soon. Same for Meach.

    I'm more curious about what we'll do when they leave? Surely we don't just promote from within, right? Will we go after another up and coming OC that runs a similar style of offense? Will we change to a different style of spread offense?

    What if WVU sends Holgo packing? Could we potentially land him as OC? (Assuming the timelines worked out, such that we lose one or both of our OCs the same season Holgo is departing WVU.)
  17. So they must be lookin at him for QB development purposes. That said his style of offense is completely against the offensive style that Strong want to play. IMO we need to lock down one of the two OCs before congratulating guys on their next job. I mean do we really want to use an in-house coach again?
  18. I can't find the piece but SC loves TCU in part because of the quality of life GP offers his coaches. I remember him saying he wanted to go to church with his family Sunday mornings. GP was like, sure. SC made it sound like it was the first time he'd been able to attend worship in years. Curious how little things like that play into deciding when to move up, move on or stay put.

    Meachem might leave right away, but I get that. But he isn't going to Houston. Maybe Memphis. My biggest fear is him at Stillwater. What we have going for us is what we all know, Fort Worth is a great place to live.
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