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Ross Perot dead at 89 yrs old.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hemingway, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. The numbers do not support the assertion that HRP cost Bush the election. Of the people who ultimately voted for HRP, the support was equally split between Clinton and Bush. In case you forgot, HRP dropped out of the race for about 4-5 months before re-entering, during which time Clinton was consistently polling well ahead of Bush. Heck, Bush even lost in the Iowa caucuses to wacko Pat Robertson. Shockingly hard for an incumbent to do that. And that was months BEFORE HRP entered the race. So it wasn't HRP's "fault," Bush didn't win.
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  2. I’m sure Perot liked to think he cost Bush the election. However, one would have to assume that a large enough percentage of his voters would’ve voted for Bush instead.

    IMO, Bush primarily lost the election because of his betrayal of his tax pledge and 1990-91 recession. Plus, Clinton ran a good campaign.
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  3. This. Voters writ large tend to be unthinking sheep, and he left open at least 2 too many opportunities for easy 1-liners: "Read my lips," and, "It's the economy, stupid." Those were gold, Jerry.
  4. this, bush being amazed by a grocery store scanner didn't exactly show him as a guy who could relate with the average guy while clinton was seen as a regular guy who would eat too much fast food and had a wandering eye
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  5. Which states would have been flipped to Bush if he had gotten every one of Perot's popular votes?
  6. Every state he lost except Arkansas.
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    Clinton's margin of victory was 5% or less in NH, NJ, OH, KY, TN, GA, LA, CO, MT and NV. Add 'em up and that's 107 electoral votes right there. Enough to push Bush over the top.

    Click here --> https://www.270towin.com/1992_Election/ and scroll down to the second electoral map.
  8. Thanks for the link....But we all know that without Perot, some of those strawbwerry pink states could have gone periwinkle blue....I just don't buy the hard statement that Bush would have won.... He might have, but it's not a lock....And yes, the Earth is spherical....
  9. You think there are states Perot took away from Clinton?
  10. Which never even happened. It was a media hit job. He was being shown a new technology that WAS really impressive for the time, he wasn't just visiting a store and being shocked that they had scanners.

    There were some other examples of Bush being out of touch (see his interview with Kennedy), but that scanner thing was a farce.
  11. Actually
    it’s 6, I voted for him once.
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  12. I remember reading about Bush’s dreams about just flipping Pennsylvania. It’s astonishing that ross’s protege flipped Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.
  13. I still remember the last debate between Clinton and Bush. At the end, I appeared to me that Bush didn't even want to be president. There was little to no conviction in his voice, especially at the end.

    My wife worked for EDS in the 80's. Today, she was reading tributes on a website for former EDS people, and so many people wrote what we already knew. Perot was a demanding boss, but he went to GREAT lengths to make sure ALL of his employees were well treated, well taken care of, and looked after. Many stories of family illnesses where the employee took all the time they needed with no fear of losing their jobs, Perot giving use of his plane to send employees to the best medical facilities, or funerals, the list goes on.

    Ken Follett's book "On Wings of Eagles" details the group of employees Perot financed and sent to free 2 of his employees imprisoned in Iran. Its a great book that also gives a lot of insight into Perot and EDS.
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  14. i worked in a grocery store in the late 70's and 80's and it wasn't that amazing the scanner could read some damaged tags, but don't confuse that with the super collider when we are talking amazing technology.
  15. One such story as you mentioned.
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  16. I later saw Britt's tweet, as well. Just a great story, and it brought a tear to my eyes.

  17. RIP Ross...

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  18. That's a nice story about Ross Perot. His accomplishments and generosity are admirable. My earlier criticism was about his presidential runs. Iirc, he got out of the race late in the '92 campaign, claiming the GOP was conspiring to smear his daughter and ruin her wedding. Never a whiff of proof. Then he jumped back into the race about a month before the election. Nutty. And reduced his himself to spoiler. Hello, Slick Willie.
  19. have family who grew up in Texarkana with him. Favorite story of RP was he had a massive property in Bermuda. Think he bought 2 estates and made it 1. It was on a narrow end of the island. most cruise ships coming to Bermuda pass by it. There was big rock in water that blocked his view of watching the ships come to port, and obstructed his view in general. He requested Bermuda government multiple times to remove it. They refused.After many requests they said it was monument. Told him they would hold him accountable if he removed it. He just blew it up and they did nothing
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