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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. I leave Christmas Day. Not sitting too good with the former Showgirl, but she loves me anyway.

    So I have the very first Tee Time (7:40 a.m.) on December 26 at Ocotillo Golf Club - my favorite in Phoenix - actually located in Chandler.

    Right now I'm a single, but I can add members to the foursome.

    Email me at Jsherwood@sherwoodlawoffice.com or text me at 214796-8996 if you want to play.

    Should be done by noon which leaves time for a good nap and tailgating.

    Go Frogs!!!!

    Beat the other Bears!!!!!!
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  2. I bet Frog Prince might be interested in making it a foursome.
  3. I'll be watching FROGS hoops in Hawaii. Look for me courtside. ALOHA!
  4. The amount of Scoreboarding on this thread is pretty solid. While you guys will be gallivanting in Hawaii and Phoenix, I will be trying to consume just the right amount of alcohol to not take offense to what my in laws are saying but not so much that I say something offensive.
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  5. You never miss a chance to humble brag, or really not so humble
  6. It's a fine line...
  7. Wish I could join but I’ll be diving in the Maldives that week. Next time...
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  8. the best course in PHX area is Quintero. It’s pretty far north in the middle of nowhere but it is phenomenal.
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  9. If my Latin is correct, that seems like a place you might not want to go diving.
  10. Best public you mean?

    Kind of surprised to find Froglaw bragging about a course like Ocotillo. Way nicer courses up towards Carefree.
  11. I wish I could meet you there, but I have to fly to Miami in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to stay home for Christmas.
  12. The last time I was in Phoenix, which was around this time last year, I stayed at the Embassy Suites by the Airport.

    That place is ____hole.

    My room was underneath the rooftop bar, while I was out at the "No Fighting" bar a pipe burst in the ceiling and soaked my bed and all of my luggage.

    I did get 50,000 points out of the deal which paid for a lot of my room in San Antonio though.
  13. This thread

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  14. People still play golf?
  15. Ha Ha, yes
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  16. He's probaby not a Dick VanDyke fan. (Arizona insider joke)
  17. Is it ok to bring Grey Poupon to a tailgate?
  18. Sorry Dude. Just down the road in Tucson. Love to join, but I'll be jetting off to winter in Santorini on the 26th.
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  19. Lol. Just messin. I’ve got a 3 and 1 year old. Free time is tough to come by, much less 5 hour round.
  20. Whisper Rock
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