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RIP Former Heisman finalist, Colt Brennan


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The palm trees at the 18th at the Sony Open form a W for weed.



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Damn. Sad story. Bad car wreck with traumatic brain injury in 2010. His Dad said he never seemed right after that. Turned to the hard stuff. So sad.


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Oh lord, that is a gut-wrenching post. I wonder how much a human being can go through before they become permanently broken.

I would say it varies from person to person and it’s not always the “usual suspects” that breaks a person. But when it happens it is the most painful thing in the world. That last sentence sounds a little weird because when you’re broken beyond repair a general numbness set in. The numbness pretty much blocks everything else out except the pain. A pain of loss, regret, what if’s, unworthiness and dejection. You still feel that pain despite the numbness.

You’re a dead man walking just waiting for the heart to stop so maybe, just maybe, there will finally be peace.